Concealed carrier ends bloodbath at local nightclub, mainstream media silent!

This story hasn't gained much traction in the media, presumably, because it conflicts with the narrative that people can only be safe when citizens are not allowed to arm themselves. In this case, four people were injured and will more than likely recover. The fourth potential shooting victim drew his own firearm, which he was carrying legally on his person, and returned fire, wounding the dangerous gunman in the leg. The gunman was then subdued and taken into custody by the authorities. The number of injuries or casualties his action prevented will remain a matter of speculation, but the chances that more harm was prevented are hardly arguable. This scenario provides a strong counterweight to the arguments advocating disarmament of all citizens. Someone willing to fire blindly into a crowd of strangers is not the type of person that would follow any kind of gun laws designed to prevent him from attaining firearms.

"If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Concealed carrier takes down shooter at South Carolina nightclub

Lyman man charged following shooting at nightclub Man who returned fire at club not charged

fire in S.C. bar, draws return fire

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