Shooting in Munich, 3 perps are fleeing

Police warn people to avoid being outside and not to post videos or pictures of officers in action so as not to tip off the gunman.

Twitter video reported showing lone gunman firing wildly on the street in front of a fast-food restaurant, other reports of 3 gunmen have been published. The Polizei are on a manhunt to find them.

New reports tell of Iraki man that was taken into custody by police after they rendered him helpless with stun grenades. The 40 year old man was motivated by an argument regarding custody of his child. He was shooting at his 24 year-old wife's Syrian uncle wo is also 24, and hit him three times. The authorities were called by a bystander and commenced shooting when they arrived at the scene, one shot glanced off the attacker's leg, injuring him slightly. Then he aimed the pistol at his head, threatening to kill himself while lying on the street. The injured uncle was taken to the hospital, while the police cordoned off the area and called in psychological reinforcement in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. The attack began at 18:09. At 21:00, the police began using shock grenades to confuse the attacker and were able to arrest him without further incident.

It is remarkable how the well-trained, disciplined Polizei managed to capture the gunman without further injury occuring in this case, while the young Afghan man that attacked several with an axe days ago had to be shot dead.

Schießerei wegen Sorgerecht

According to RT's live feed, at least victims three dead, three gunmen at large in an unrelated shooting that began at 17:52 near the Olympiacenter Mall. Number of casualties still unclear. Eyewitness reports hearing shots fired by a McDonalds near the mall and then inside the mall. A sniper posted on a rooftop opened fire, but noone was injured by those shots. Police evacuated the area expediently and have dispatched reinforcements from other Bavarian cities. The usually bustling area now virtually deserted.

Polizei: Tote und Verletzte nach Schüssen in München

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