The newest in series of terrorizing attacks by cultural enrichers.

Question of the day; how much CO2, was released by this event in relation to the emissions of California on any given day ?
Homes gutted as LA wildfire doubles in size in a day destroying 22,000 acres of land and forcing 1,500 people to evacuate as one body is found and smoke and ash covers the city in apocalyptic scenes

Burning us CRISPR: Utopian expectations? or just more control over who reproduces?
How the DNA Revolution Is Changing Us The ability to quickly alter the code of life has given us unprecedented power over the natural world. Should we use it?

Syrian refugee wielding machete kills 1, injures 2 in Reutlingen, Germany

Nach heftigem Streit: Mann tötet Frau mit Machete

After violence by members of the 'religion of peace' has been covered up for so long by the police, the media and politicians, suddenly news of one violent episode after the other is on public display for all to see in Germany. These recent attacks have been ruled out as being 'terror attacks', but they still manage to terrorize many as a sort of epidemic seems to have broken out in this mainly law-abiding European country not conditioned to accept violence. What caused the switch in policy?

The awaited calls for more controls arrived right on time.
Nach Amoklauf von MünchenDe Maizière: Gesetze sorgfältig prüfen

But this is the real public enemy number one that the state wants to eliminate: Darknet
Tatwaffe illegal im Darknet gekauft

Germany prepares to smash last post-Nazi taboo by deploying armed soldiers on the streets in peacetime after Munich shooting

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