Erdogan's complete suppression of information could lead to German pull-out of AWACS from Incirlik Air Base

Not enough, to jail reporters in record-breaking numbers, Erdogan's war against truth has been pushed to new levels as top German politicians denied access to air base, prevented from speaking with their troops that are playing a key supporting role gathering intelligence for the fight against ISIS in Syria.

Germany May End Anti-Daesh Operation After Turkey Blocks Incirlik Base


Failed Coup Attempt Strengthens Turkish Presidents' Position

Turkey's Erdogan gains unified support from citizens as they rise against reported military coup in response to the Presidents' calls for backing over the internet, aspiring Sultan capitalizes on support by purging military and justice systems. Also uses incident to accuse enemies Fethullah Gülen, Egypt and UAE.

Cui bono? President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish govt cracks down after coup try; 6,000 detained

First the Turkey Coup, Now the Economic Crash

Turkey coup: Disturbing picture shows soldiers 'bound naked' as Turkish President is warned over 'purges'

The first false flag accusations start in Syria.
The Latest: Syrian state paper says coup attempt fabricated

US government behind Turkish coup attempt, Turkish minister says

Fethullah Gülen: Why does President Erdogan blame this exiled cleric for the Turkish coup?

EXCLUSIVE – Arab Intel Source: Turkey Convinced Egypt, UAE Behind Coup Attempt

Attempted coup in Armenia now as well?
Armenia 'attempted coup': Gunmen storm police headquarters and social media down in country bordering Turkey

While everyone's attention was directed to the Nice attack, this report was being overlooked by the public:
Declassified US report links Saudi government officials with 9/11 al-Qaeda terrorists

In the latest developements concerning civil war:
France- 'We're on the brink of civil war': French security chief's chilling warning before Nice terror attack

USA- Three police officers killed and four wounded in Baton Rouge shooting

65 arrested in Baltimore for blocking highway

Syria- Syrian clerics call for refugees to return to Syria to help rebuild the country, say mass emigration serves Assad and Iranian interests.

India & Pakistan- Death toll hits 38 as Indian Kashmir clashes spread


The wedges have been placed, the first hammer strokes are felt in a nation being divided.

Black Cop Confronts BLM With BRUTAL And Honest Message… Must Read

Police officers take the bait intended to divide the US republic.
Minneapolis cops leave security posts at Lynx game over shirts
Professional team adopts pro-'Black Lives Matter' t-shirts brandishing names of two victims of police violence, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling . Employees at the popular fast-food franchise Chick-fil-a have chosen to back the blue in support of police.
The Dallas event was a weaponized psy-op presumably carried out by a MKUltra-controlled manchurian candidate while on RSSI anti-depressants that was designed to weaken the nation through division and distraction as the political leadership seems determined to consolidate policing to the federal level and to provoke world war. At the least, this BLM discussion serves as a smokescreen to divert public attention away from Hillary's deceitful stance regarding her email powered hijacking of the state department and Bernie's sell-out of his passionate supporter base as he agrees to support presidential candidate Clinton.
The Dallas incident was capitalized on before the dead were even cold as President Obama once again made his anti-gun and pro-anarchy stance clear. His signal to the BLM movement has encouraged them to go to greater lengths as semi trucks across the nation are being held hostage by protestors. Meanwhile, this story has been selected by Facebook as 'trending': ‘My ancestors owned your ass’: Angry Texas couple yells black teen ‘does not belong in America’.
People, please, show some restraint when all the corporatist lobbying organizations are ensuring your buttons get pushed.
Obama - BLM
More cartoons here

Robot Used To Kill Dallas Shooting Suspect the Death Of Due Process



Just the day after Hillary is let off the hook by FBI Chief Comey, but found guilty in the court of public opinion, the media has provided the public with a new, more spectacular talking point.
2 Snipers Ambush, Kill 5 Officers, Injure 7 in Dallas Following Peaceful Protest
The first shouts of 'hoax' are, as expected, echoing down the street. Maybe, though, hoax is not the correct term, perhaps staged event is more accurate. "Why would anyone do such a thing?" you say? Just to put this into perspective, Obama's calls for gun confiscation, ok, he calls it 'gun control', have repeatedly resounded every time a mass shooting has ocurred which didn't conclude with an armed bystander ending the event by making use of his right to keep and bear arms. The Black Lives Matter organization has had free reign to intimidate potential Trump supporters at political events while the blame for their violence has been squarely placed on the Republican candidate's shoulders. Infowars reported a plot by institutions of the government on July 25, 2013, to assasinate Occupy leadership while peaceful protesters were exercising their right to petition their government for a redress of grievances. This was known at the time by the FBI by the way.
Obama DHS Planned to Kill Peaceful Protesters in Sniper Attacks

So there is no reason to believe that all is as it seems, or as reported by the corporate media, this time around in the home of the Kennedy assasination. Since the media is already bringing up the topic of safety for police at demonstrations, it is to be expected that this incident will serve as an excuse in the near future to deny demonstrators their right to exercise free speech in public on the grounds it may endanger the security of policemen. Which reminds me, isn't there a big demonstration planned for Cleveland that finally, after repeated refusals and a lawsuit, granted perimssion for the event?


All things Hillary

Finally! Hilly's lying being exposed by mainstream media.

Good job Megyn Kelly, i never thought i'd ever embed a FOX news video.

FBI recommends no criminal charges in Clinton email probe

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal



Concealed carrier ends bloodbath at local nightclub, mainstream media silent!

This story hasn't gained much traction in the media, presumably, because it conflicts with the narrative that people can only be safe when citizens are not allowed to arm themselves. In this case, four people were injured and will more than likely recover. The fourth potential shooting victim drew his own firearm, which he was carrying legally on his person, and returned fire, wounding the dangerous gunman in the leg. The gunman was then subdued and taken into custody by the authorities. The number of injuries or casualties his action prevented will remain a matter of speculation, but the chances that more harm was prevented are hardly arguable. This scenario provides a strong counterweight to the arguments advocating disarmament of all citizens. Someone willing to fire blindly into a crowd of strangers is not the type of person that would follow any kind of gun laws designed to prevent him from attaining firearms.

"If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Concealed carrier takes down shooter at South Carolina nightclub

Lyman man charged following shooting at nightclub Man who returned fire at club not charged

fire in S.C. bar, draws return fire