'Cure' worse than the cancer? oh, wait...it causes cancer

Optimism from CDC over spraying program with highly toxic Nazi-developed nerve agent, Naled (trade name Dibrom), which has chronic and acute negative health effects on many organisms including humans, in the fight against the flu-similar disease that has befallen some 15 people  in the area and caused a panic among state-sponsored vaccine developers who warn congress " Zika money running out" while three Zika vaccines to be tested on humans as virus spreads into Florida although, "Insect repellents and avoiding infested areas are two of the most effective steps to avoid infection." according to the CDC. Among species susceptible to the insecticide are bees, bluegill and oddly enough, the mosquitofish, so named due to it's capacity for consuming large amounts of mosquito larvae. This could explain the short-term success of the organophosphate against mosquito populations which has a long-term impact increasing populations up to 15-fold, because their natural enemies, who have longer gestation periods, are decimated by this chemical as well. The WHO has linked the virus to cases of microencaphaly among children born to infected pregnant women and the CDC has confirmed the suspected link without definite proof.

"Naled is the most toxic of the mosquito adulticides and is the only mosquito adulticide in class 1, the highest toxicity, with the signal word "Danger".

Naled is the only one that states in its label: inhaling can be FATAL.

Naled is corrosive to the skin and eyes and may cause permanent damage.

Once in the bloodstream, Naled may cross the placenta."

In light of the well-known dangers of this 'cure', compared to the suspected dangers of the Zika virus, the genuine target of the spraying program should be called into question. The environmental impact of aerosol distribution is known to be dangerous for many species, the human health impact will certainly be worse than that caused by the disease and the timing of these Zika vaccine testing programs and the budget limitation is eerily expeditious for big pharma and the nanny state.

To protect yourself and others from the effects of the disease, improve the effectiveness of your immune system by getting enough rest, ensure your vitamin levels are sufficient and use anti-inflammatory preparations in concordance with your physician's advice. To protect yourself from the effects of spraying nerve gas, avoid breathing and get in touch with those making the decisions to get it stopped.

FDA just greenlit releasing mutant Zika-killing mosquitoes in Florida

What they're not telling you is "the [genetically modified mosquito] offspring die before maturity because they develop serious birth defects (irony alert – babies of mothers with the virus are also born with the rare birth defect microencephaly)."

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