Is Hillary's health issue a stay out of jail free card?

As Hillary's health, or lack thereof, has edged it's way into the center of scrutiny for detractors and supporters since Paul Joseph Watson began taking the subject up in his videos for Infowars, the mainstream media, who at first, dismissed the thought out of hand that she could be suffering from any condition which could affect her ability to run as a presidential candidate or indeed limit her functionality as POTUS, after even going so far as to cancel the show of a physician shortly after he weighed in honestly about his concerns for her health, has now been forced to focus intently on the issue. The latest obvious bout with consciousness was downplayed by her campaign in a press release some 90 minutes after the fact as a simple case of her 'not feeling well', perhaps as a result of the 80° New York temperature which most would consider mildly warm, but has since been diagnosed with pneumonia, a very common disease among sufferers of advanced stages of Parkinson's disease. Since the public eye had been drawn to this potential weakness by Trump and many independant journalists beforehand, I just can't help thinking about the magician that waves with one hand while performing a trick with the other. The Clintons are infamous for using circumstances to their advantage and inventing angles to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, so imagine the following scenario.
You're getting more and more heat as your past is catching up to you. The damocles sword in the form of email revelations is edging ever closer as the FBI discloses your private emails were likely compromised, Julian Assange assures there are thousands more to be released bit by bit. Independent journalists are researching everything about you and revealing everything they find. Google's censor of results harmful to your campaign has been noticed and called out. You can be sure the email inquiries concerning treatment for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Muscular Dystrophy are duly noted and realize the race is no longer for the presidency, but more likely from the authorities that have had enough of you dancing on their noses for so long and comprimising their integrity. You know secrets about nearly all influencial and powerful people around Washington DC and they know you know it. They are also painfully aware you have your hand on the dead man's switch, thus keeping them at bay.

One well documented stroke and suddenly, you can claim the Ronald Reagan Iran-Contra defense on all revelations; "I can't recall.".

Hillary has already used this defense to claim that she, a lawyer, skilled in the memorization of huge numbers of details and aspects of law, no longer remembered that the marking "(C)" indicated that the material she sent over an insecure server or device was classified. The amount of criminal energy used by herself and her aids in destroying evidence with hammers after being subpoenaed to provide those documents is an indication that this is merely another ruse to avoid accountability.

There has also been recent speculation by doctors that Clinton has less than a year life expectancy. One can easily imagine the defense "Due to her failing health and imminent demise, any prison sentence can be equated as being a life-long imprisonment." should she be brought to court for any of her purported crimes, so to all who have seen her apparently failing health as merely a windfall for Donald Trump's campaign, caveat emporium.
Will she now also be let off the hook in court of public opinion because she's evidently become a sick old lady instead of the calculating, manipulative, merciless dragon so many perceived in her?
Is it even perhaps plausible that her demise itself could be staged and somehow capitalized upon by her handlers or the puppet masters?
Time will tell, but the (October?) surprise is hopefully somewhat spoiled now.

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