Russia's reply to the broken ceasefire and the US-led coalition's strike on Assad's troops.

There was a bombing attack with warplanes on Syria's army resulting in over 60 deaths that the US and UK have admitted to participating in. A suspiciously well-timed attack on the area minutes later by two different, previously supposedly competing groups of 'rebels' played a key role in the damage incurred by Bashar Assad's military on the ground in their own country. This led to an indignant protest by Russia and kind of an, "Oops, sorry bro." with hand over mouth reaction from the Obama regime as they mock Russia's attempt at a diplomatic solution in involving the UN. A couple of days later, a Syrian Red Crescent convoy was coordinated to deliver supplies to a town southwest of Aleppo, which recalls another convoy employed under suspicious circumstances that Serena Shirm discovered. After days of stalling, the convoy was allowed to proceed, accompanied by Russian drones for security reasons. Shortly after arrival at the destination and this arrival being tweeted, some 18 of 30 vehicles were destroyed, the reports from Moscow claimed to have left the convoy without incident after it's destination had been reached, counter to the accusations from the US that Syria was responsible for barrel bomb attacks on the convoy from helicopters. Russia's claims that the damaged vehicles don't appear to have been damaged by these types of weapons appear to be true according to available photos.
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The UN General Assembly hosted a high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach. on 19.09.2015, but noone seemed to have acknowledged that the refugee crisis is being fueled because a coalition of nations that were not attacked, which is in and of itself unlawful, have been destroying their homelands and houses. Big money 'philanthrope' and chief instigator of revolt worldwide pledged 500 million US dollars to 'support' the displaced people to get settled in their new countries, where they intend to actively reform the present cultures and political environment there without any respect for the inhabitants whose tax revenue feeds, clothes and houses them, in order to better suit their liking. This is the invasion tactic used in the new war of stealth, designed by those who hope the Christians and Muslims will decimate each other in this conflict-laden situation prior to stepping in and actively pursuing their goals with candor, violence and prejudice. People capable of reason that are experiencing the exerted pressure and wish to simply lash out would be well-advised to consider the consequences before blindly surrendering to the natural tendency to become violent. The rulers are counting on these groups to become violent and cause chaos so they can profit from it.

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