Freedom takes on water

In an incident emblematic of the general status of personal freedoms in the US during the recent attacks on them by the Obama administration, including the right to keep and bear arms and the right to free speech. The US Navy's flagship of their newest Freedom-class littoral combat ship manufactured by Lockheed Martin and Austal USA, was discovered to have a leak, leading to seawater entering the motor room and damaging the propulsion system.
LCS Freedom's Engine May Need Replacement

"The problem, reported over the weekend, was found in July, when engineers at the ship’s homeport at Naval Base San Diego examined a leak in the Freedom’s seawater pump mechanical seal. Despite the problem, the vessel took part in RIMPAC military exercises last month, causing what is reported to be permanent engine damage."
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SURFOR commander Vice Adm. Tom Rowden, in a remarkably insightful evaluation of the incident's cause remarked “Given the engineering casualties on USS Freedom and USS Fort Worth, I believe improvements in engineering oversight and training are necessary,".
Yes, that's why he makes the big bucks, good to know there are sharp officers capable of identifying cause and effect involving matters of national security. While we're on the subject of big bucks, the ship program costs the taxpayer some 30 billion over the life of the program without inflation adjustment, which when divided by the number of ships ordered comes to about 2.5 billion per ship.
How much freedom do they have to export in order to amortize those costs?