Russia takes vieled threat about nuclear war from US State Department seriously

As average Americans are concentrated on Kim Kardashian, Dancing with the Stars or whatever frivolous circus happens to be spotlighted by the corporate media, Russian citizens are gearing up to survive in case of a pre-emptive nuclear attack by NATO. Tensions were hightened between the US and Russia during the arranged cease-fire in Syria, which was broken by the US and UK bombing of Syrian state troops in a city long under siege by ISIS and rebel forces, which was overrun by ISIS minutes after the air attack subsided. US diplomacy attempted to sell it as a tragic mistake, but information has become available proving that the attack on Assad's army was intentional.

40 Million Russians to Take Part in ‘Emergency Evacuation’ DrillExercise takes place days after U.S. State Department warned of terror attacks in Russian citiesPaul Joseph Watson - October 3, 2016

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