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1. Iraq’s Massive Operation to Take Back Mosul from ISIL Terrorists Begins
2. The Battle for Mosul: Determining the Fate of Iraq
3. Russian, Syrian Military to Organize 8-Hour ‘Humanitarian Pause’ in Aleppo
4. US-Led Warplanes Ignore ISIL’s Military Convoys Fleeing Mosul to Syria
5. Influential Lawmaker Reiterates Iran’s Sovereignty over Trio Islands, Blasts UAE for Repeating Baseless Claims
6. Senior Iranian MP Sees Russia’s S-400 as Main Cause of US Withdrawal in Syria
7. ISIL Reshuffling Raqqa Commanders after Body of Religious Judge Found on Banks of
8. Iran’s Parliament Speaker Stresses Futility of Lausanne Talks on Syria
9. Syrian Gov’t Forces Tightening Noose on Militants in Damascus, Hama
10. Infighting Erupts as More Terrorists Take Action to Steal ISIL Assets in Mosul
11. Syria Government Calls on Egypt Support in Anti-Terror Fight
12. Russia Opposes Unilateral Solutions in Syria
13. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Flees to Raqqa, His Wife Arrested
14. UN Peacekeepers Fire Tear Gas at Frustrated Haitians
15. Iran, Iraq Stress Broadening of Border Cooperation
Oct 17, 2016, 1:55 pm

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