Sanford Trump Supporters Willing To Accept 12 hour Wait for His Rally!!

If the so-called polls, looking at the methodology usually reveals an oversampling of democrats, are really accurate, why is it that whenever i read some pro-Clinton article, a look in the comments shows about 1 in 10 or 15 comments actually pro-Hillary. Those comments are then usually defensive because Hilly is so easy to trash on considering the steady stream of information revealing her duplicity and criminal actions, which just sets the table for her detractors. Why is it that people are willing to wait it out to get into a Trump rally while his opponent has to hire people to be her friends? Are the democrat voters just shy and reclusive? Does that sound like a typical liberal or progressive profile or personality trait?
The established corporate media has sold it's soul to the imploding Clinton campaign, ironically, the micromanagement of the Clinton-enablers by her minions and herself, has bound the hands of the illusion-spinning machine that is the key Hillary weapon of mass-deception.

The following comment was written by a passionate Trump supporter who read the article WATCH LIVE: Thousands expected at Donald Trump rally in Sanford and delivers some food for thought at the least and possibly a new frame of mind as he reveals what it's all about. Why do you think they call them programs?

Thank you Roger J

"I am speaking directly to those degree'ed persons who won't vote for Trump based on personal principle or other excuse: It amazes me that college educated people don't even realize or acknowledge that everything they read and watch has been controlled by a colluding group called the"media" in spite of the video proof we now have!

Yes, you THINK that you make your own decisions but when those choices are shallowly veiled in "thinking this way is good" and"thinking that way is bad" as the media has been doing to you for a year, are you really?

We all agree that our perceptions form our beliefs so if you were “fed” certain things as “truth”,you would believe those things…

Watching the news for the past 4 months, many were afraid to even display TRUMP signs on their cars or homes for fear they would be vandalized. Why?Because the News told us so.

Did you know at the time that ALL that violence at the Trump rallies was only the result of groups PAID for by Hillary's employees?

Of course you didn't because the truth was hidden and would not have been reported if it had come out earlier. The alphabet news -CNN, ABC,MSNBC etc are STILL HIDING THE TRUTH FROM YOU!

Now however, you have viewed the video PROOF(https://www.youtube.com/watch?... THIS ONE SHOWS PROOF THEY SETUP THE VIOLENCE) that showed this was all the result of people being paid by the Democrats.

Still think that you aren't being targeted by the media colluding?Still think you are making your own decisions?

Trump signs are now popping up EVERYWHERE because people know it was all staged!

The fact that information is being controlled SHOULD scare the heck out of you. It’s exactly what the Nazi’s did, what the Chinese do, and the Russians do and what HILLARY is DOING!

Look again, this time at political correctness.

Look how crazy it's become but not a single "news" person is questioning it are they? What you see & read in the "news" is the result of a so-far successful plan to control the information and as we see by just the violence they caused, it’s working. Is this OK with you? If it is,then you don't deserve the degree you earned because if you fail to vote for Trump, you will be guaranteeing yourself a future where your life is controlled by others wanting you to think a certain way.

The left has plans for the Supreme Court that would terrify you if you knew the truth but if you do not vote for Trump, you will NEVER KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER BE REPORTED!

I don't care if you have to hold your nose but you'd better get your butt out there on November eighth and vote for Trump because the one thing that you cannot deny these email leaks have proven is that every story in the News is being VETTED by someone with their own agenda, and YOU nor the American people are of no concern.

It's as they wrote...they want people to be "COMPLIANT& UNAWARE" are you going to help them?

I’m going to write this again because I think it’s so important: The fact that information to you is being controlled SHOULD scare the heck out of you. It’s exactly what the Nazi’s did, what the Chinese do, and the Russians do and what HILLARY is DOING!


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