Germany in danger? Insider provides an overview about why?

This article shows the breakdown of threats to the Germany so many all over the world know and love.
Let the world know: Germany is going down - Saturday, October 15, 2016
"Your children will pray to Allah or die!"
This sign was on a bridge over the Autobahn near Sindelfingen in southern Germany.

Imagine a Volksfest such as the Oktoberfest in a shariah-compliant Germany. Women serving non-alcoholic beverages in burkas if they are even allowed to work. Dirndls and Lederhosen forbidden to wear for fear of offending the cultural-enrichers that have hijacked the politicians' and media's benevolence often to the disadvantage of Germans and foreign residents that abide lawfully. People are realizing that they have been sold out by the system that isn't concentrating on making people's lives better. Germans should know that Hillary's and Obama's politics in the middle east have caused the mass integration of these 'refugees'. Hillary's "We came, we saw, he died!" in connection with Muammar Qadafi's fate at the hands of her politics, should remind everyone who started this crisis. For those that believe all borders should be open, what do you think about the tax dollars that have been cheated out of you being used to support people that haven't paid anything into the system at the risk of your retirement benefits. Contrary to Norbert Blüm's opinion some decade or so ago, retirements are not guaranteed. How do you think the already struggling Health-care industry is going to develope when it is burdened with so many new cases, sometimes with sicknesses that are rarely diagnosed in the region and more difficult to treat? In the last years, health-insurers have steadily reduced their coverage when they where not just raising prices. If these people are coming to Germany because they want to be Germans or at least show some respect for the German people, learn the language and customs as well as make themselves useful, they would be welcomed by nearly all. Sadly, reports have shown that the self-declared refugees usually aren't interested in building a bright future in their host countries, but would rather take the allowance provided to asylum-seekers for not working. If you really want to help refugees, pressure the representatives to stop German support for the NATO members engaged in an unlawful war in Syria. Pressure your politicians and media to report more truthfully and support good relations with Russia because those that have caused the destabilisation fear a Germany aligned with Russia. Their interests are diametrically opposed to those of the German citizens. Germans should also be aware that Germany still has unfinished business to take care of from WWII. Germany hasn't signed a peace declaration yet. Until the German people can have a vote passed on a new constitution that doesn't include any laws passed by the NAZI, there can be no end to WWII. This probably also explains why US Congress is no longer needed to vote on any war. Why should they? If WWII hasn't finished yet, each 'police-action' taken doesn't have to be voted on.


Commenter at FOX gets it right!

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Trump: We're Going to Build a Wall!

Clinton: Open Borders!

Trump: Deport Illegals!

Clinton: Amnesty Now!

Trump: Get Our Jobs Back!

Clinton: Protect NAFTA!

Trump: Stop Illegal Immigration!

Clinton: 500% More Radical Islamists!

Trump: Reduce the Citizens Tax Burden!

Clinton: Raise Taxes Across the Board!

Trump: Decent Health Care!

Clinton: Obamacare Forever!

Trump: Take Care of Our Veterans!

Clinton: Bonuses for Corrupt VA Bureaucrats!

Trump: Uphold the 2nd Amendment!

Clinton: Regulate the 2nd Amendment!, and Disarm All Law-Abiding Citizens!!

Trump: Control Our Trade Agreements!

Clinton: Pass TPP Now!

Trump: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Clinton: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

Trump: Prosecute and Jail Hillary Clinton!

Clinton: Noooooooooooooooo!

Trump: Make America Great Again!

Clinton: Make ME great again!


Russia takes vieled threat about nuclear war from US State Department seriously

As average Americans are concentrated on Kim Kardashian, Dancing with the Stars or whatever frivolous circus happens to be spotlighted by the corporate media, Russian citizens are gearing up to survive in case of a pre-emptive nuclear attack by NATO. Tensions were hightened between the US and Russia during the arranged cease-fire in Syria, which was broken by the US and UK bombing of Syrian state troops in a city long under siege by ISIS and rebel forces, which was overrun by ISIS minutes after the air attack subsided. US diplomacy attempted to sell it as a tragic mistake, but information has become available proving that the attack on Assad's army was intentional.

40 Million Russians to Take Part in ‘Emergency Evacuation’ DrillExercise takes place days after U.S. State Department warned of terror attacks in Russian citiesPaul Joseph Watson - October 3, 2016


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