I would say, "Is a hat trick on the way?", but France, Austria and Holland are voting before Germany

As riots break out in the streets of America because of Democrats protesting democracy, people of Europe are getting wiser to the manipulation of violence by self-called liberals. What's so liberating about joining a cult and inciting public violence? The German people have as much right as anyone else to be proud of their achievements in technology, culture and religion, just as nearly any nation one could think of has dark corners of history with cause for them to be ashamed of themselves.
The generation of middle-aged Germans had nothing to do with the atrocities committed in WWII and shouldn't have to be ashamed because of what some of their elders may have done. The world has changed much since then, and there have been some fine people in office, serving Germany, but the current leadership has caused crises among their own folk and law-abiding migrants while coddling the most counter-productive elements among the loosely-termed 'refugees' that are purportedly supposed to enrich the nation's culture. Can Chancellor Merkel please tell us why Germany's culture isn't rich enough for her tastes the way it was? Imagine a sharia-compliant Oktoberfest, Burka instead of dirndl with decolette, if women were even allowed to be there. No weißwurst or roasted pork, hooka smoking and tea instead of beer. Is that the future that the powers that be have prepared for Germany? The German folk will soon be faced with a huge decision for the future of their country, the table will more than likely be soundly set by the coming elections in Holland, Austria and France which i suspect will pick up the momentum from Brexit and Trumpsit for national parties offering sovereignity. By the time elections are held in Germany, people will be well aware that the intimidation and baiting ploys from the left are subsidized by the taxpayer in order to coerce voters. It will be well evident that the extreme right-wing is also hired by the state to agitate and provoke the left to project the illusion that the massive police forces are necessary to quell any uprising. Although the media uses their skill to paint the Reichsbürgers, the sovereign citizens that are assuming their inheritance of the Deutsche Reich, as some illogical eccentrics that have strange interpretations of the law, there are some very intelligent people among them that have done a lot of homework and know the statutes better than those hired to represent the company known as BRD Finanzagentur GmbH, a company with limited liability that administrates the country. Required to pay all costs involved with the occupation by the allies since WWII to this day, Germany has been pursuing a trade war against it's own citizens in order to bail out banks, finance the occupation by foreign forces and participate in wars that are the real root of the misery being felt by the genuine refugees. Oh, while paying for it's occupation, the German media isn't allowed to report anything that the CIA doesn't agree with. The reason the espionage affair involving US intelligence wasn't particularly sanctioned in the aftermath should have become obvious by now when considered in this light.
This is made possible in large part due to the absence of a peace treaty between the Deutsche Reich and the allies. Japan signed one, Italy signed one, but the newly reunited East- and West Germany decided to sign the 4+2 accord instead, which seemed like a good way to avoid paying reparations to the Greek government, but guarantees that Germany will be paying "occupation" costs as long as it lives unless the Germans can adopt a constitution agreed to by the people and the Reichsbürger can have their representatives as heirs of the Weimar Republic sign a peace treaty, finally ending the war for Germany and forcing the US Commander in chief to seek a declaration of war prior to involving US forces in any conflict instead of sending forces to different campaigns of the covert, but still active WWII.

Merkel allies warn of Trump effect, poll shows Germans dismayed
By Madeline Chambers and Michael Nienaber
ReutersNovember 10, 2016

"By Madeline Chambers and Michael Nienaber

BERLIN (Reuters) - Leading allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Thursday that populists would pose a problem for Europe unless mainstream politicians came up with answers after Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election.

Trump's win has encouraged right-wing parties in Austria, France and the Netherlands, among others. A Politbarometer poll for broadcaster ZDF showed 82 percent of Germans viewed it as bad or very bad, and 65 percent expected relations with the United States to deteriorate under Trump's presidency.

"Demagogic populism is not only a problem in America," Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told Bild daily. "Elsewhere in the West, too, the political debate is in an alarming state.""
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