Dutch community resists building refuge for 15,000 migrants

If I lived in the area of Geldermalsen, I'd be interested in knowing when the first applications for construction of the area to be built on were submitted, because it would reveal how much forethought was put into the plan as hinted by the woman at 1:32. Then check who was responsible for the decisions required to stall construction, but turn that policy on a dime when it's for refugee housing. The next step would be to sort out the inner circle of accomplices who will certainly have business interests in the plan, perhaps using strawmen to obscure their roles. The enemy of the Dutch has subverted them from within, using corruption in high places to subvert the Dutch government in order to further their interests. This scenario is scheduled to play out in all Nations. The police would have been able to put five times as many cops there if they really wanted to. Instead, they anticipated the backlash because they were told to. That's how it works with police, they really don't want to be violent against their own people, but they do as they're told, excepting the rare occasions when an unlawful order is given and refused on the grounds that it was unlawful and immoral. This tension will be cultivated until it explodes at the precise moment of the elites', your owners' choosing and advantage. Only strong communities will be able to resist taking their anger out on the percieved invaders while concentrating their efforts on exposing or otherwise thwarting the corrupt chain of command that has ignored the will of the people they are supposed to benefit. That goes for all nations in a time where nearly all of Europe sees their way of life and native cultures threatened by displaced people. People fleeing areas hard hit by war or the results of so-called free trade agreements that put them out of work. All of this due to the politics of those they elected and were subsequently ignored by. As Donald trump said, "It's rigged!", he was laughed at for it at the time, but newer reports have vindicated him. The statement applies to the whole game of Banking, Industry and Politics. With this in mind, if you value your lifestyle and the expectations you had for retirement, stay well informed at the local and state level. Spread the information so others will get involved. The pressure won't ease up until the moneyed interests can no longer anticipate a return on their investment. Awareness leads to strategies against the local level, without the support of the local mayor, no plan dictated from above can get traction. So let your local government know in no uncertain terms where you stand on the issue, stay civil, but doggedly persistent, and let the sellouts be known.