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Trump-Supporting Teen's School Photo Published Without Original MAGA Slogan

A New Jersey teen wore his Trump shirt to picture day to make his political alignment clear for posterity. By the time the yearbook was published, it was evident that the photo had been tampered with, because in it, the shirt no longer bore the "Trump- Make America Great Again" motif that was on the teen's navy blue T-shirt when the picture was taken.

What in the world is going on here?

It's not clear whether the censor was undertaken at behest of the school, or of the company that took the school photos.

Did someone at the school, in a fit of rampaging anti-Americanism decide that political opinions had to be skewed? Perhaps believing the wearer had the 'wrong' political alignment. Well, whoever that was, let me tell you something, the 'Democracy' we are told rules our country is absolutely dependent on the participation of an informed electorate in order to work. Public school is supposed to be a place to learn, and people learn more in a discussion, so declaring a school a 'no political opinions zone' is nonproductive. It is even less productive in the long run when the young people are given politically correct views and talking points to parrot instead of being taught to understand the background and form their own opinions by logically evaluating all known aspects. This is just a symptom of concentrating power in government ad absurdum. Functionaries that are all-to-willing to blindly follow an ideology that will hopefully provide perks for themselves, without regard for the bigger picture and what it means for those impacted.

This was an abuse of power, an overreach and very good example of why the good people always have to be on the lookout at the local level politically.

Teen's Trump T-shirt censored in yearbook photo


Democracy in Action - San Diego public thrashes new Muslim Anti-Bullying school policy

The San Diego unified District school board enacted an extensive "anti-Islamophobia campaign" in the first week of April, ostensibly to provide a counterweight to the "vastly under-reported" bullying of Muslims in the district. I've seen plenty of videos of town hall meetings like this in the past years where some outlandish policy was decided upon by board members who seem to have a personal interest although the public would not agree to the policies if they where aware the decision was being made. You would often times see just one or two dissenting opinions for the craziest bureaucratic boondoggles at those meetings. This meeting was different, in that, there were many speakers from all walks of life and their resounding tenor was "Don't choose one group to be favored over any others, enforce rules equally and apply the Constitutional principle of not making any laws favoring any particular religion." This time, the people were awake, with prepared, impassioned speeches that were clearly opposed to the school policy and uncomfortable for the board. You see, when all of these meetings are not being participated in by those subject to the rules being made, there is no daylight shone on the subject matter and, consequently, those making the rules are then tempted to consider their own advantages more than the advantage for all who are impacted, and that is when democracy breaks down. Statutes then become enacted to enrich special interest groups more than the governed. The winners and losers are then picked, not based on their merits or contribution to the greater good, but upon their relationship with those affecting policy.

It was really great to see so many, awake, passionate and caring people speak their mind and being the change they want. Democracy wins!

"Published on Apr 26, 2017

Eleven citizens, led by a group called, Citizens for Quality Education, spoke at the San Diego Unified School Board against the progressive/Marxist plan to force acceptance of Islam on students under the guise of an anti-bullying program. The School Board is actually the bully here, trying to control the thoughts and speech of the students by intimidation.

The school district denied that they are enforcing Sharia, but they will be accommodating Islamic religious practices in the schools and teaching a (false) positive view of Islam. These religious obligations, such as praying five times a day and enforcing deference by non-Muslims to Islam are requirements of theocratic Islamic religious law, i.e. Sharia. However, Muslims are allowed to forego these religious obligations in a non-Muslim country. The San Diego School Board is acting like we already live in a theocratic Muslim country.

Kevin Beisser is the chief advocate of implementing Sharia in the schools. Saudi Arabia funds much of the advocacy of Islam in the US. You have to wonder, if he and other board members are getting any of that Saudi gold. A former board president (Marne Foster) was charged with corruption and removed from the board just last year.

The meeting took place on April 25, 2017. Please feel free to download and re-use this video.

From Citizens for Quality Education: Help support Charles LiMandri and the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund to STOP CAIR from infiltrating our public schools and indoctrinating our students with sharia law!
Help spread the word!


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