Once again, the non-'Islamic Terrorist' had been on the radar of the authorities for years.

The pattern will no doubt continue to surprise the low-information US population as the mainstream US news trickles out details of the RT news report NYC bombing suspect's father told police son was a terrorist in 2014. The freedoms confiscated by the authorities in the aftermath of 9-11 under the pretence of increasing security have once again failed to actually prevent a violent terrorising crime from occuring although they were tipped off to a potential danger and undoubtedly had the means at hand to perform a constant data dragnet like they do on everyone according to Snowden's revelations on the NSA. Since the Explosives in New York and New Jersey were pressure cookers and pipe bombs linked to cellphones, get ready to have these things taken away to protect the public next. The FBI seemed genuinely incurious regarding several trips the suspect made to Pakistan (terror training camp?) or his passing interest in criminal justice (Studied at Middlesex Community College without graduating). Sounds like the makings of a perfectly good Project MKUltra manchurian candidate scapegoat. One, at the time, 'possible terrorist' bomb went off in a steel garbage container in Chelsea, not Clinton, Manhattan, coincidentally, however just three blocks away from Chelsea Clinton's apartment where Hillary was taken last week after her collapse(not in her footprint) while visiting the 9-11 memorial. Another reportedly connected Explosive device detonates near Elizabeth train station. In a time of ubiquitous CCTV camera coverage and unattended packages causing anxiety in public places, it seems doubtful that this device drew no attention when it was deposited there. Another device was found on the street by Two scavengers, who took second bomb out of suitcase in Chelsea.
The police state will surely come to protect everyone now, right? Will residents soon be hearing The Nine Most Terrifying Words(Video)?
Some are even saying GET OUT NOW: Martial law in New York - Tanks in the street!(Video)


Es gibt doch Deutsche die ihren Mann stehen!

This guy spoke truth to power as the naturalized German citizen from Iran was threatening and shooting at him. When the shooter said 'I'm German!' He said 'You're a tosser, your head needs to be removed'.
„Dir gehört der Schädel abgeschnitten“ – Anwohner schimpft mit München-Täter – VIDEO
"Police say he was as a "depressed" loner receiving psychiatric treatment." What kind of drugs was he coming down from?
Munich shooting: Teenage killer Ali Sonboly 'inspired by far-right terrorist Anders Breivik' and 'used Facebook offer of free McDonald's food to lure victims'
"Reuters is reporting that Germany's already strict gun laws could be tightened further."
The young man carried out the attack with an illegaly obtained firearm!
Are you planning on making it even more illegal? Clammering for political capital at the expense of those that handle firearms responsibly? There is a phrase for these knee-jerk responses to tragic events; blind actionism.

The 'machete'-wielding Syrian immigrant from Reutlingen, whether intentionally or not, shows Germany how to effectively deal with threats to the public. In Germany, it's better to say it was an accident anyway. If intentional, the German BMW driver would probably spend more time in a German jail than the cultural enricher that killed one and wounded five. A facebook group has banded together to give the man some moral support, perhaps more, since the damage to his car won't be covered by an uninsured terrorist policy.
Retter mit BMW Reutlinger Amoklauf
"eye witnesses described the attacker to Bild as "fully insane," adding that he tried to attack a police car with his machete" - Let me guess, psycholical treatment? Prescription meds?
Syrian refugee wielding machete kills 1, injures 2 in Reutlingen, Germany

"Außerdem habe er schon zweimal versucht, sich das Leben zu nehmen und sei deswegen in psychiatrischer Behandlung gewesen." - Welche Drogen hatte er verschrieben bekommen?
Attacke in Ansbach: 27-Jähriger tötet sich in Menschenmenge mit Sprengsatz
Diese Rücksack sieht nicht aus wie eine in dem eine Bombe kurz zuvor losgegangen war.
Backpack_AnsbachDoes this rucksack look like it housed an exploding bomb that killed the wearer and injured others severely to you?
So now we're also supposed to be afraid of backpacks.
"The mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, suggested backpacks might be banned from the Oktoberfest beer festival as a security precaution"


The newest in series of terrorizing attacks by cultural enrichers.

Question of the day; how much CO2, was released by this event in relation to the emissions of California on any given day ?
Homes gutted as LA wildfire doubles in size in a day destroying 22,000 acres of land and forcing 1,500 people to evacuate as one body is found and smoke and ash covers the city in apocalyptic scenes

Burning us CRISPR: Utopian expectations? or just more control over who reproduces?
How the DNA Revolution Is Changing Us The ability to quickly alter the code of life has given us unprecedented power over the natural world. Should we use it?

Syrian refugee wielding machete kills 1, injures 2 in Reutlingen, Germany

Nach heftigem Streit: Mann tötet Frau mit Machete

After violence by members of the 'religion of peace' has been covered up for so long by the police, the media and politicians, suddenly news of one violent episode after the other is on public display for all to see in Germany. These recent attacks have been ruled out as being 'terror attacks', but they still manage to terrorize many as a sort of epidemic seems to have broken out in this mainly law-abiding European country not conditioned to accept violence. What caused the switch in policy?

The awaited calls for more controls arrived right on time.
Nach Amoklauf von MünchenDe Maizière: Gesetze sorgfältig prüfen

But this is the real public enemy number one that the state wants to eliminate: Darknet
Tatwaffe illegal im Darknet gekauft

Germany prepares to smash last post-Nazi taboo by deploying armed soldiers on the streets in peacetime after Munich shooting


After conflicting reports and huge police action 2100 troops- one German-Irani killed 9, then self

The reports made yesterday, gathered from many sources simply don't add up. There was the fake Facebook account with the face of a pretty oriental woman and the name Seline Akim that promised to buy McDonalds for whoever shows up at 16:00, nearly two hours before the first shots were reported.
The victims were German, Kosovo-Albanian, Turkish and one Greek. We will presumably find out that the killed and injured Germans were dark-skinned as well in the coming days. Why would the 18 year old Iranian David Ali S. with German citizenship choose dark-haired, dark-skinned and dark-eyed victims in a crowded city? The police have said the young man was infatuated with events involving people running amok and had been in therapy for psychological problems. My next question is: What meds was he prescribed? SSRIs have been prescribed to an incredible amount of attackers, such as James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter, just to name one.
If you don't consider Natural News a credible source, check out this article from Psychology Today, Mass Shootings, Psychiatric Medications, and Rick Perry.

So, as the 'authorites' are contemplating which draconian police state spy measures they will implement in the name of security for it's citizens, the common denominator will be consequently ignored. The 'so-called' therapy with psycotropic prescription drugs. Why doesn't the war on drugs include legal substances that result in the death of users and non-users alike? They want you to take drugs, but only their drugs, understand? But when people attempt to treat themselves because they feel let down by the socialist health insurance, called "Krankenkasse" which means "Sickness (cash) register", and order nutriceuticals from outside Germany, they are confiscated by customs and they are threatened with fines for illegal importation of medicine. This practice only serves to protect the high prices of meds in Germany for the pharma corporations by preventing unauthorized imports of known preparations. Advertisements for prescription drugs are prohibited in Germany, as are advertisements for the drug stores. The high price of drugs is justified by calling attention to the competent advice and usage directions provided by the pharmacist. This seems to make sense, but each package contains a note that covers effects, side effects, usage, dosage etc..

While the pharmaceutical corporations have exerted their influence on politicians to exempt themselves from any kind of responsibility for the damage caused by their products, other corporate lobbies exert their influence to increase public security spending on measures that will not make anyone safer, so this is a win-win situation for the globalists. The price tag on the police action yesterday in Munich, which involved reportedly some 2100 cops, some even being brought in from neighboring states, hasn't been reported yet, but it will not be cheap. Assymetric warfare is a tactic that has been used successfully since warfare has existed. This lone gunman with a pistol worth a few hundred Euros managed to kill far less than one would believe, yet, he bled the state of millions in resources that wouldn't have otherwise been spent and caused the public to be fearful of their security which will enable the political decision makers to spend much more in the future while purportedly increasing safety for the public.

The Attorney General of Munich has ruled out Islamic or political ties, so it is not being regarded as a terror attack, but the coming days will show what plan is riding on this event. I say this not because i know exactly what it is, but i do know that each and every traumatising event will be mercilessly used to forward an objective belonging to an agenda.

The video below about the Colorado shooter provides some perspective in this case as well:


Shooting in Munich, 3 perps are fleeing

Police warn people to avoid being outside and not to post videos or pictures of officers in action so as not to tip off the gunman.

Twitter video reported showing lone gunman firing wildly on the street in front of a fast-food restaurant, other reports of 3 gunmen have been published. The Polizei are on a manhunt to find them.

New reports tell of Iraki man that was taken into custody by police after they rendered him helpless with stun grenades. The 40 year old man was motivated by an argument regarding custody of his child. He was shooting at his 24 year-old wife's Syrian uncle wo is also 24, and hit him three times. The authorities were called by a bystander and commenced shooting when they arrived at the scene, one shot glanced off the attacker's leg, injuring him slightly. Then he aimed the pistol at his head, threatening to kill himself while lying on the street. The injured uncle was taken to the hospital, while the police cordoned off the area and called in psychological reinforcement in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. The attack began at 18:09. At 21:00, the police began using shock grenades to confuse the attacker and were able to arrest him without further incident.

It is remarkable how the well-trained, disciplined Polizei managed to capture the gunman without further injury occuring in this case, while the young Afghan man that attacked several with an axe days ago had to be shot dead.

Schießerei wegen Sorgerecht

According to RT's live feed, at least victims three dead, three gunmen at large in an unrelated shooting that began at 17:52 near the Olympiacenter Mall. Number of casualties still unclear. Eyewitness reports hearing shots fired by a McDonalds near the mall and then inside the mall. A sniper posted on a rooftop opened fire, but noone was injured by those shots. Police evacuated the area expediently and have dispatched reinforcements from other Bavarian cities. The usually bustling area now virtually deserted.

Polizei: Tote und Verletzte nach Schüssen in München


Islamic axe-wielding terrorist attack in Germany continues the spate of violence seen in recent days.

Afghan teen proves that strict anti-gun laws are no guarantee for security in the public domain by resorting to axe violence. A specially trained police squad with firearms that just happened to be in the area put an end to his violent attack after three passengers were seriously and one lightly wounded.

Germany train axe attack: Afghan teenage refugee shouting 'Allahu Akbar' goes on bloody rampage hacking passengers 23:24, 18 Jul 2016

Attacke mit einer Axt: Mann greift Passagiere in Zug bei Würzburg an - 18. Juli 2016


The wedges have been placed, the first hammer strokes are felt in a nation being divided.

Black Cop Confronts BLM With BRUTAL And Honest Message… Must Read

Police officers take the bait intended to divide the US republic.
Minneapolis cops leave security posts at Lynx game over shirts
Professional team adopts pro-'Black Lives Matter' t-shirts brandishing names of two victims of police violence, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling . Employees at the popular fast-food franchise Chick-fil-a have chosen to back the blue in support of police.
The Dallas event was a weaponized psy-op presumably carried out by a MKUltra-controlled manchurian candidate while on RSSI anti-depressants that was designed to weaken the nation through division and distraction as the political leadership seems determined to consolidate policing to the federal level and to provoke world war. At the least, this BLM discussion serves as a smokescreen to divert public attention away from Hillary's deceitful stance regarding her email powered hijacking of the state department and Bernie's sell-out of his passionate supporter base as he agrees to support presidential candidate Clinton.
The Dallas incident was capitalized on before the dead were even cold as President Obama once again made his anti-gun and pro-anarchy stance clear. His signal to the BLM movement has encouraged them to go to greater lengths as semi trucks across the nation are being held hostage by protestors. Meanwhile, this story has been selected by Facebook as 'trending': ‘My ancestors owned your ass’: Angry Texas couple yells black teen ‘does not belong in America’.
People, please, show some restraint when all the corporatist lobbying organizations are ensuring your buttons get pushed.
Obama - BLM
More cartoons here

Robot Used To Kill Dallas Shooting Suspect the Death Of Due Process


Concealed carrier ends bloodbath at local nightclub, mainstream media silent!

This story hasn't gained much traction in the media, presumably, because it conflicts with the narrative that people can only be safe when citizens are not allowed to arm themselves. In this case, four people were injured and will more than likely recover. The fourth potential shooting victim drew his own firearm, which he was carrying legally on his person, and returned fire, wounding the dangerous gunman in the leg. The gunman was then subdued and taken into custody by the authorities. The number of injuries or casualties his action prevented will remain a matter of speculation, but the chances that more harm was prevented are hardly arguable. This scenario provides a strong counterweight to the arguments advocating disarmament of all citizens. Someone willing to fire blindly into a crowd of strangers is not the type of person that would follow any kind of gun laws designed to prevent him from attaining firearms.

"If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Concealed carrier takes down shooter at South Carolina nightclub

Lyman man charged following shooting at nightclub Man who returned fire at club not charged

fire in S.C. bar, draws return fire


Evidence that gun control doesn't protect citizens

As the US political class chants the "turn in your weapons" mantra repeatedly every time a mass shooting occurs, purportedly to ensure the safety of it's citizens, the recent discovery of a large cache of military grade small arms hidden near a mosque in Nordrhein-Westfalen reveals that even in a country with some of the strictest gun laws, outlaws will have access to guns.
HUGE stash of weapons reportedly belonging to Islamist extremists found hidden near a mosque in Germany.
German media remains virtually silent on this topic as the attack in Turkey provides a convenient smokescreen, diverting public attention.
Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens
MSM Hides 200,000 Crimes By Muslims In Germany


Were all of the recent terrorist attacks and attempts in the US orchestrated by the same source?

As alternative media uncovers more details and exposes more conspiracies, the pattern of orchestrated attacks with the presumable purpose of dominating the media narrative and manipulating the American public into disarming themselves.