This Video Shows Why The Saudis Sponsored 20% of Clinton's Campaign

Hillary's right-hand woman has been somewhat of a dark horse in the public perception of voters. Having been thrown into the spotlight due to the FBI investigation of Clinton's Wiki-leaked emails and the rumored NSFW escapades including the apparent attempted seduction of a minor, the focus is centering on her, which is making more people interested in her role as the Secretary's nearest ally. Anonymous, or at least another Anonymous went and did the math, so to speak. His research is accurate and reveals enough to make one beg for further questioning.

This thesis would be a textbook example of a strategy for defeating a much larger, militarily overwhelming foe by stealth over time. The destabilization of Syria and Libya ties into this plan as well, providing a weak neighbor for the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces to exploit at their will, with the US taxpayers sponsoring a very expensive campaign using aircraft and mercenaries that identify themselves with a full spectrum of terrorist groups. The destabilization of Afghanistan, Irak, Libya and Syria has led to further destabilization in the European Union. Greece and Italy are deeply challenged by the hords of 'refugees' flocking to their borders seeking asylum. France, Sweden and Germany have been flooded with foreigners willing to take the handouts of western governments but unwilling to show any respect for the culture or the folk that is paying for their welfare. This, being accepted by the politicians, as they impose more changes the majority would not willingly consent to would normally be high treason in a state, but since nearly all states in the world have been converted to registered businesses, it is merely another CEO pursuing a company agenda unpopular among the employees. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel was asked by Günther Jauch whether she would cease to support the European idea of common union if it were against the wishes of those governed, her immediate retort was "No!", "Under no circumstances." before relating that Germany needs a European Union with ideals like those in Germany, freedom of the press, personal freedom, democracy. This is the same woman that has recruited Google and Facebook to play a role as hate-speech police, contemplating sanctions if whatever brand of opinion is not removed within a certain amount of hours. First off, how is this 'hate-speech' to be defined? Today it might seem acceptable to block some messages, but once taken, this fork in the road will cause a lot of people to oppressed before the public realizes that free-speech, although it can be a downright nuisance to listen to sometimes, is valuable in a functioning society. How many resources are going to be necessary to filter and administrate the operation? Will the mission creep lead to STASI-like masses of company-hired private spies delivering 'intelligence' to the government? In a free country, no public discussion should be controlled by the controllers, even if that means we're going to be exposed to opinions we don't agree with. At the worst, you might turn livid with rage at the prospect of an adversary's world view, at the least, you might even say, "Well, i never looked at it from that point of view before.".
The easiest argument against accepting that your government is taking steps to limit public discourse when it runs contra to their narrative is to just remember, governments lie! If they profess to do anything for your security, it will surely reduce your liberty and fail to provide the promised securety. Quite the opposite, when the bar has been raised, before long, there will be another purported threat that enables them to "make a new offer" under the same auspices. See it for what it's become, a trade war between corporate governments and their citizenry hidden under the illusory mantle of government enabled by it's unquestioning minions and the acquiescent masses.


Patriot-Predicted Democrat Vote Machine Manipulation Reported in Early Voting

Who could have seen this coming? Trump expresses concerns about a rigged voting system only to be mocked by the incumbent US President asking "What is that?", as if vote fraud is something new, and making clear that the vote is decentralized, in order to dispell doubts that those selected for office are not elected by the will of the governed. The self-proclaimed 'fact checkers' reported dutifully that vote fraud is virtually non-existent, although there is plenty of documentation available that suggests otherwise or downright contradicts that claim. Within a week, as if someone in the loop had said "He's right!, the vote IS decentralized, now. We're going to have to change that.", it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security would 'help' keep the elections fair, which calls to mind Ronald Reagan's 9 words no American wants to hear. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Shortly afterward, as if we didn't have enough 'help' in the wings, the OSCE was introduced to the voting observer fray.
So this is what the organization is offering us during the 8 November election:
"Within the U.S. federal system, the responsibility for organizing elections rests with state and local governments. The Department of State will therefore assist ODIHR, the Needs Assessment Mission, and subsequent election observation mission in their efforts to contact elections officials throughout the United States in connection with its organization of elections observation."
Why should this be important? To ask the election centers on the phone if everything is going ahead according to plan? Or to organize ballots from a central perspective?

These international observers don't have a horse in the race...except the one that invited them after declaring vote fraud to be a non-thing and concerns over voter-disenfranchisement absurd. Who do you think that horse is carrying?

Clinton-enabler Snopes paints the picture with some "kill the messenger" accusations of unethical behavior on the part of Project Veritas reporter O'keefe's part while he was actually investigating leads in order to expose the racketeering and organized fraud perpetrated to aid the Clinton campaign.

What did the Trump people say? They all said be vigilant and document! Wow, we didn't need a government program opened up to catch voter fraud and vote fraud, did we? People going out and recording their experiences will provide proof of the widespread fraud emblematic of Hillary's campaign ethics so far.

Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas"She voted straight Republican and the vote had changed to Clinton!"
Paul Joseph Watson - October 25, 2016

Indiana Investigating Possible Voter Fraud After Thousands of Names Changed

TRUMP WAS RIGHT!! Massive Voter Fraud Plot Discovered…

Americans’ electoral fraud fears grow

NAACP calls for action after reported voting irregularities; Elections board says no problems found

Here's a good blog listing:
What really happened?


Ever wondered how to stick it to the IRS?

The real problem with Trump's taxes isn't what you think

These Confessions from a former insider, Sherry Peel Jackson, provide an invaluable insight into keeping more money that you have earned with your time and labor, as well as highlighting why the willingness to "pay your fair share" is in no way patriotic.

This courageous and righteous black woman has been enlightening people for years how they can improve their financial standing and has inspired thousands to improve their way of living in order to improve their lives. She has been persecuted by the government that is illegally coercing it's citizens into paying into a system that has less to do with financing government services than subsidizing the richest families of the world, even making the ultimate civilian sacrifice of being sentenced to prison on a 4-year sentence, for a misdemeanor.

How to legally never pay income taxes in the US!

Check out Sherry's book:
How to stick it to the IRS!
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Russia's reply to the broken ceasefire and the US-led coalition's strike on Assad's troops.

There was a bombing attack with warplanes on Syria's army resulting in over 60 deaths that the US and UK have admitted to participating in. A suspiciously well-timed attack on the area minutes later by two different, previously supposedly competing groups of 'rebels' played a key role in the damage incurred by Bashar Assad's military on the ground in their own country. This led to an indignant protest by Russia and kind of an, "Oops, sorry bro." with hand over mouth reaction from the Obama regime as they mock Russia's attempt at a diplomatic solution in involving the UN. A couple of days later, a Syrian Red Crescent convoy was coordinated to deliver supplies to a town southwest of Aleppo, which recalls another convoy employed under suspicious circumstances that Serena Shirm discovered. After days of stalling, the convoy was allowed to proceed, accompanied by Russian drones for security reasons. Shortly after arrival at the destination and this arrival being tweeted, some 18 of 30 vehicles were destroyed, the reports from Moscow claimed to have left the convoy without incident after it's destination had been reached, counter to the accusations from the US that Syria was responsible for barrel bomb attacks on the convoy from helicopters. Russia's claims that the damaged vehicles don't appear to have been damaged by these types of weapons appear to be true according to available photos.
More information here

The UN General Assembly hosted a high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach. on 19.09.2015, but noone seemed to have acknowledged that the refugee crisis is being fueled because a coalition of nations that were not attacked, which is in and of itself unlawful, have been destroying their homelands and houses. Big money 'philanthrope' and chief instigator of revolt worldwide pledged 500 million US dollars to 'support' the displaced people to get settled in their new countries, where they intend to actively reform the present cultures and political environment there without any respect for the inhabitants whose tax revenue feeds, clothes and houses them, in order to better suit their liking. This is the invasion tactic used in the new war of stealth, designed by those who hope the Christians and Muslims will decimate each other in this conflict-laden situation prior to stepping in and actively pursuing their goals with candor, violence and prejudice. People capable of reason that are experiencing the exerted pressure and wish to simply lash out would be well-advised to consider the consequences before blindly surrendering to the natural tendency to become violent. The rulers are counting on these groups to become violent and cause chaos so they can profit from it.


This interview puts the coming war into perspective.

For all those that have let themselves be convinced that war stimulates the economy,
this interview with Eustace Mullins, deemed the "most dangerous man alive" by J. Edgar Hoover because "he found out too much that people in power would prefer to remain hidden so they could continue their dirty work unhindered", underlines for whom war is most profitable and why.

"The author of such incendiary books as Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Murder by Injection, and The Curse of Canaan, Mullins was harrassed by the FBI for almost a half century, and had one of his books burned in Germany in the 1950s. These stories are recounted in one of his books, A Writ for Martyrs."

The video poster has written an excellent overview, so watching the video at the source is worth it.


Is Hillary's health issue a stay out of jail free card?

As Hillary's health, or lack thereof, has edged it's way into the center of scrutiny for detractors and supporters since Paul Joseph Watson began taking the subject up in his videos for Infowars, the mainstream media, who at first, dismissed the thought out of hand that she could be suffering from any condition which could affect her ability to run as a presidential candidate or indeed limit her functionality as POTUS, after even going so far as to cancel the show of a physician shortly after he weighed in honestly about his concerns for her health, has now been forced to focus intently on the issue. The latest obvious bout with consciousness was downplayed by her campaign in a press release some 90 minutes after the fact as a simple case of her 'not feeling well', perhaps as a result of the 80° New York temperature which most would consider mildly warm, but has since been diagnosed with pneumonia, a very common disease among sufferers of advanced stages of Parkinson's disease. Since the public eye had been drawn to this potential weakness by Trump and many independant journalists beforehand, I just can't help thinking about the magician that waves with one hand while performing a trick with the other. The Clintons are infamous for using circumstances to their advantage and inventing angles to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, so imagine the following scenario.
You're getting more and more heat as your past is catching up to you. The damocles sword in the form of email revelations is edging ever closer as the FBI discloses your private emails were likely compromised, Julian Assange assures there are thousands more to be released bit by bit. Independent journalists are researching everything about you and revealing everything they find. Google's censor of results harmful to your campaign has been noticed and called out. You can be sure the email inquiries concerning treatment for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Muscular Dystrophy are duly noted and realize the race is no longer for the presidency, but more likely from the authorities that have had enough of you dancing on their noses for so long and comprimising their integrity. You know secrets about nearly all influencial and powerful people around Washington DC and they know you know it. They are also painfully aware you have your hand on the dead man's switch, thus keeping them at bay.

One well documented stroke and suddenly, you can claim the Ronald Reagan Iran-Contra defense on all revelations; "I can't recall.".

Hillary has already used this defense to claim that she, a lawyer, skilled in the memorization of huge numbers of details and aspects of law, no longer remembered that the marking "(C)" indicated that the material she sent over an insecure server or device was classified. The amount of criminal energy used by herself and her aids in destroying evidence with hammers after being subpoenaed to provide those documents is an indication that this is merely another ruse to avoid accountability.

There has also been recent speculation by doctors that Clinton has less than a year life expectancy. One can easily imagine the defense "Due to her failing health and imminent demise, any prison sentence can be equated as being a life-long imprisonment." should she be brought to court for any of her purported crimes, so to all who have seen her apparently failing health as merely a windfall for Donald Trump's campaign, caveat emporium.
Will she now also be let off the hook in court of public opinion because she's evidently become a sick old lady instead of the calculating, manipulative, merciless dragon so many perceived in her?
Is it even perhaps plausible that her demise itself could be staged and somehow capitalized upon by her handlers or the puppet masters?
Time will tell, but the (October?) surprise is hopefully somewhat spoiled now.