After conflicting reports and huge police action 2100 troops- one German-Irani killed 9, then self

The reports made yesterday, gathered from many sources simply don't add up. There was the fake Facebook account with the face of a pretty oriental woman and the name Seline Akim that promised to buy McDonalds for whoever shows up at 16:00, nearly two hours before the first shots were reported.
The victims were German, Kosovo-Albanian, Turkish and one Greek. We will presumably find out that the killed and injured Germans were dark-skinned as well in the coming days. Why would the 18 year old Iranian David Ali S. with German citizenship choose dark-haired, dark-skinned and dark-eyed victims in a crowded city? The police have said the young man was infatuated with events involving people running amok and had been in therapy for psychological problems. My next question is: What meds was he prescribed? SSRIs have been prescribed to an incredible amount of attackers, such as James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter, just to name one.
If you don't consider Natural News a credible source, check out this article from Psychology Today, Mass Shootings, Psychiatric Medications, and Rick Perry.

So, as the 'authorites' are contemplating which draconian police state spy measures they will implement in the name of security for it's citizens, the common denominator will be consequently ignored. The 'so-called' therapy with psycotropic prescription drugs. Why doesn't the war on drugs include legal substances that result in the death of users and non-users alike? They want you to take drugs, but only their drugs, understand? But when people attempt to treat themselves because they feel let down by the socialist health insurance, called "Krankenkasse" which means "Sickness (cash) register", and order nutriceuticals from outside Germany, they are confiscated by customs and they are threatened with fines for illegal importation of medicine. This practice only serves to protect the high prices of meds in Germany for the pharma corporations by preventing unauthorized imports of known preparations. Advertisements for prescription drugs are prohibited in Germany, as are advertisements for the drug stores. The high price of drugs is justified by calling attention to the competent advice and usage directions provided by the pharmacist. This seems to make sense, but each package contains a note that covers effects, side effects, usage, dosage etc..

While the pharmaceutical corporations have exerted their influence on politicians to exempt themselves from any kind of responsibility for the damage caused by their products, other corporate lobbies exert their influence to increase public security spending on measures that will not make anyone safer, so this is a win-win situation for the globalists. The price tag on the police action yesterday in Munich, which involved reportedly some 2100 cops, some even being brought in from neighboring states, hasn't been reported yet, but it will not be cheap. Assymetric warfare is a tactic that has been used successfully since warfare has existed. This lone gunman with a pistol worth a few hundred Euros managed to kill far less than one would believe, yet, he bled the state of millions in resources that wouldn't have otherwise been spent and caused the public to be fearful of their security which will enable the political decision makers to spend much more in the future while purportedly increasing safety for the public.

The Attorney General of Munich has ruled out Islamic or political ties, so it is not being regarded as a terror attack, but the coming days will show what plan is riding on this event. I say this not because i know exactly what it is, but i do know that each and every traumatising event will be mercilessly used to forward an objective belonging to an agenda.

The video below about the Colorado shooter provides some perspective in this case as well:


Anonymous letter in Germany - evidence that people are waking up to the globalist plot to undermine national sovereignty

The following letter arrived at my door without a return address. I don't know who sent it and presume it was sent to many. The stamp on the envelope tells me it entered the German postal system in northern Berlin, but i don't know anyone that lives there. As i have been entertaining the thought of posting German content on this site as well, i was glad this opportunity presented itself and releived that not all German nationals are oblivious to the state of affairs in the world we all share nor have they all resigned to being powerless to effect change. The synchronicities i've experienced since commiting myself to exposing circumstances that are unfair, unjust or inhumane have convinced me that now is a time of awakening for people of all nations. The elite have exposed themselves to the scrutiny of the general public, who is slowly but surely perceiving the depth of deceit which has been used against them by the powers that be. Here is a translation of the letter i received and i've added links to the sources listed. These sources present a veritable tsunami of fantastic ideas and viewpoints, but people with an inquisitive nature and discerning minds will certainly be rewarded with insights most are not aware of.

  • "Dear person I’ve never met,Many things happen on the earth that are not just coincidences. What has happened in history isn’t just the work of chance. Wars are a result of financial transactions and economic stimulus. There is a small elite (cabal, Illuminati), which stands behind the stage and pulls the strings. Among them are first and foremost the banking families and friends (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Soros, Bush, Carnegie, Ford, Warburg, Levy…). Through private(!!) central banks, they have taken over the rights to print (create) all money. They give states the money they make (97% of which is virtual, in computers) and for it, they demand the sum + interest in return. Since there is absolutely no money to pay the interest, states can ONLY pay the interest to the central banks (private bankers) by taking on new debt. In this way, the states are in a situation in which they will NEVER be able to pay off their debts, the system itself makes it impossible – and it leads to ever deeper indebtedness and in turn, the complete transfer of public assets to the rich elite. Through state sponsored privatization, (i.e. Greece) everything will be transferred more or less to the cabal. A perfidious, but very effective system. There were two US Presidents who wanted to turn away from it: Lincoln and Kennedy; everyone knows their fate. The global elite presently has more or less taken control over all significant systems: military, finance, economy, media, pharmaceuticals, education, supply. Watch the film Thrive (German) on YouTube, it is very enlightening.
    The elite is presently working on taking over the world. Disruptive countries like Russia, Iran, and China are under massive attack (currently economically and by the media). The attacks in the Near East weren’t successful in bringing democracy, but rather for gaining stronger influence over Asia and through the bombing, to establish a gigantic flow of immigrants heading to Europe in order to destroy European culture here. Yes, the problem of the immigrants is a targeted strategy and could already be read in the plans of American geo-strategists many years now (see Kalergi Plan, T. Barnett).

    The elite is presently using the US military forces to carry out their goals, but they are set up globally. The USA is merely a means to an end. They control world events through organizations like Bilderberger, Trilateral Comission, Council on Foreign Relations, high degree Freemason lodges, the councils/committees of 13/33/300, Club of Rome, UN, IMF, WHO, FDA, AMA, World Bank, etc. Basically every large organization has been infiltrated (the largest sponsor of Greenpeace is i.e. the Rockefeller Foundation). Take the Panama Papers for example; who is behind them? An organization of the name ICIJ; their sponsors are Soros, Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie. Any more questions?

    What is the elite’s plan? Two things. First, a massive reduction of the population through war, unrest, hunger, economic collapse (coming soon), artificially caused epidemics, Chemtrails (the lines in the sky, for that see Dane Wigington on YT), HAARP and scalar weapons, forced immunizations, (see France with the children already present, in our discussion). The part of humanity that survives will then end up under total control (slavery). Serving this end is a cash-less system, which is completely transparent and is almost already functioning in Sweden, forced microchipping (Sweden leads the way, in Germany propagated in the media, i.e. on the state children’s TV chanel) and total control of the internet (see i.e. the censorship events with Facebook). Additionally there is the media, which only spreads propaganda and plants thought paradigms in the common people (mind control, see also MK Ultra). Reactions are mostly provoked by fear (fear of war, poverty, cancer, crime…). Observe the news a little closer and you will also be able to realize it.

    What to do? Proceed against it consciously. Nourish yourself with organic foods instead of GM foods as far as possible. Build up resistance against the system, but don’t use aggression, rather more like Gandhi preferred. Be conscious of the future need for a new structure; visualize this future of a better, peaceful world (without these war hungry elites and their marionettes called politicians). This is called manifestation and is really very effective. The film “The Secret (preview english)” shows it in a nice way. Or look up “The Law of Attraction (english)” on the internet. Liberation meditation is also helpful, i.e. by Cobra on YouTube.

    I wish that we can withstand this global transformation well and soon find ourselves on a new Earth in which all people will be just and the barriers are taken down, the ones that the elite have built up to divide and conquer a la Machiavelli.

    Go with God

    Sources: Bewusst TV, DWN, ZZA, Alles Schall und Rauch, KOPP, Netzfrauen, Telepolis, Alcyon Plejaden, Epoch, RT, Tagesenergie, MM News, Trans-Information, Lupocattivo, Huffington

    Free PDFs: Armin Risi-Machtwechsel auf der Erde, Jan v. Helsing-Geheimgesellschaften, Alfons Jasinski-Thalus von Athos, David Icke-Der Löwe erwacht"

This ebook from Jan Von Helsing explains many of these topics in better detail:

01.08.2016 - This link has been changed. Google now requires a log in for viewing it. I wonder why, hmm.
Hände weg von diesem Buch!

The ebook can be downloaded here:




The wedges have been placed, the first hammer strokes are felt in a nation being divided.

Black Cop Confronts BLM With BRUTAL And Honest Message… Must Read

Police officers take the bait intended to divide the US republic.
Minneapolis cops leave security posts at Lynx game over shirts
Professional team adopts pro-'Black Lives Matter' t-shirts brandishing names of two victims of police violence, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling . Employees at the popular fast-food franchise Chick-fil-a have chosen to back the blue in support of police.
The Dallas event was a weaponized psy-op presumably carried out by a MKUltra-controlled manchurian candidate while on RSSI anti-depressants that was designed to weaken the nation through division and distraction as the political leadership seems determined to consolidate policing to the federal level and to provoke world war. At the least, this BLM discussion serves as a smokescreen to divert public attention away from Hillary's deceitful stance regarding her email powered hijacking of the state department and Bernie's sell-out of his passionate supporter base as he agrees to support presidential candidate Clinton.
The Dallas incident was capitalized on before the dead were even cold as President Obama once again made his anti-gun and pro-anarchy stance clear. His signal to the BLM movement has encouraged them to go to greater lengths as semi trucks across the nation are being held hostage by protestors. Meanwhile, this story has been selected by Facebook as 'trending': ‘My ancestors owned your ass’: Angry Texas couple yells black teen ‘does not belong in America’.
People, please, show some restraint when all the corporatist lobbying organizations are ensuring your buttons get pushed.
Obama - BLM
More cartoons here

Robot Used To Kill Dallas Shooting Suspect the Death Of Due Process


Mission creep of the police state displaces discourse.

The most dangerous modern enemies to the powers that be are truth, transparency and courage.

This video begins with a policeman just outside of the secure area around the Taschenberger Palais in Dresden, Germany, meeting place for the 2016 Bilderberger conference, explaining to the discontented small crowd of activists that a group is not allowed to assemble in this area. A group was defined as two or more persons assembled to advance a political message using a written protest sign or banner that could be viewed by others. The crowd was told that the signs were not allowed to be displayed on the side of the street where the conference was being held. The orders received from above were clear - No written protest allowed within sight of the hotel was to be tolerated.
A young man named Alan Buttle and his companion Maria Hunter who had displayed cardboard signs at the fence on the day prior were detained and he was held for interrogation, ostensibly because the three-pound loaf of bread he had in his pack presented an inherent danger to the Bilderbergs, before being released with a restriction on being within 500 meters of the area for the remainder of the conference. Her sign, bearing the words, "This sign will be confiscated!?", proved to be prophetic. He was a well-spoken man who very patiently and politely discussed the reasoning behind the police's action preventing his right to express his opinion using the cardboard sign proclaiming "If you have nothing to hide, why all the secrecy?". Reminiscent of the argument posed by security organs daily in bids to coerce cooperation among members of the public, this message was apparently too dangerous to be left in sight of passers-by, and a group of about 16 police quickly gathered around the two as several reporters had closed in to capture the scene, intentionally displacing the reporters and especially to prevent them from recording audio of the discourse.

Angst vor Anschlag bei Bilderberg-Konferenz

Dieser Brite wurde wegen eines Brots verhaftet

In a humiliating move to document the "perpetrators", Maria was pinned to the ground by a policeman stepping on her leg while another held her face to be photographed in a nearby park. There were several reporters present that had photographed both of them and several police cameras were being used during the event, so one has to wonder why this type of treatment was deemed necessary by the authorities. Was it really a last resort to follow protocoll?...or an intimidation tactic to suppress dissent? The author of the story linked to above inquired as to the whereabouts of the two the next day in order to write the story. She was sent photos of the two as they were holding their signs but these photos were of course not used for the story printed in the local BILD newspaper, for their messages would have then been inadvertently presented to an even larger audience. This perhaps had something to do with the fact that Mathias Döpfner, head of the media empire Axel-Springer Verlag, which the BILD newspaper belongs to, was on the guest list and had been observed entering the Taschenberger Palais.

In the second part of the video we see Reporter Josh Owens from Infowars being subjected to a 'random' search in what the police called a 'controlled area' which was outside the fenced-in secured area around the hotel. Josh had been visible in that area often in the three days prior to this clip, his camera equipment made his presence as a reporter obvious and that he was hoping for a video interview of General Petraeus was evident to the officers at the time they stopped him for the search.

The evening before, a large group of alternative media reporters was gathered in an area some 500 yards from the secured area when they were surrounded by police, their identification documented and their personal belongings searched.

These people that go places and investigate things the corporate media allows to fall through the cracks deserve the utmost repect and much more attention than most people are willing to give them. They are dedicated to getting to the truth of the matter and informing the public, unlike the so-called mainstream media that acts as a PR company for government and corporate interests instead of performing the watchdog functions expected of them. The tag, conspiracy theorist is a weaponized term, originally devised to deflect attention from any cognitive arguments calling the official narrative portrayed by the Warren Comission into question hasn't lost it's effectiveness, some 50 years down the road. Some 150 of the best-connected, most powerful functionaries of politics, finance, technology and commodities meeting in secret a few days, offering no comments to the media about which path has been decided regarding the agenda published on the Bilderberg website is by any metric, a substrate for conspiracy.

The next time someone calls an argument into question because it was not backed up by an "accepted" network, remember that the alternative reporters are often crowd-funded and not corporate funded. These people are persistent and willing to go against the grain, accepting all of the troubles that come with the territory, for their principles.

To borrow a quote i once heard, the opposite of courage is not cowardice in this day and age, it is conformity.