Young Germans Seem to be Waking Up!

... to the international games being played on the backs of people in all nations that are convinced they are liable for the blank check spending fraud they believe is a government. Although, I'm not inclined to agree to every statement made or conclusion reached in the following E-book, but the German author makes several valid observations and has obviously done quite an amount of research on which to base his claims. It is encouraging that young people in Germany choose to inform themselves independent of the classic media and form a more fact-based opinion, rather than the emotion-based image the media would have us adopt. More power to those red-pilled individuals that attempt to make sense of these, indeed, interesting times.


Tax Boycott

“Where injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes one’s duty!”

by Rico Albrecht

translated by Andrew Schlademan

German Constitution, Article 20

(1) The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.

(2) All state authority is derived from the people. It shall be exercised by the people through elections and other votes and through specific legislative, executive and judicial bodies.

(3) The legislature shall be bound by the constitutional order, the executive and the judiciary by law and justice.

(4) All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.

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In the Federal Republic of Germany’s constitution, article 20 paragraph 2 states, “All authority is derived from the people.” – In paragraph 4, it further states, “All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.”

Paragraph 2 is continuously violated because the authority of the state is not derived from the people, but instead from banks, corporations, media organizations and politicians who enforce their common interests against the will of the people. Their authority over the lives of the people continues to grow, thanks to the structure of the monetary system, while the state is systematically driven ever deeper into the debt trap.

The people, working productively, are forced to generate ever increasing interests, pensions, parliamentary allowances, provisions and bonuses for others through constantly increasing taxes and fees. Hundreds of billions of euros are presently being stolen “with no alternative” by “system-relevant” banks. In the process, most politicians and journalists are acting like marionettes of Mammon. They are paid to enact the laws and create the opinions.

The government gives away the citizen’s money and dispossesses the people. “The national debt,” interests and taxes systemically increase, ever faster, and are now crossing the boundaries of what would be enforceable in a state governed by the rule of law. At present, fundamental rights and the constitutional order are being eliminated in a step-by-step process.

  • Telecommunications surveillance

  • Limitations on the freedom of expression

  • Obstruction of informational self-determination

  • Federal criminal law

  • The Treaty of Lisbon

  • The European Social Model and European Fiscal Pact

  • Transparent bank accounts

  • Computer and network surveillance

  • Movement profiles

  • Residential surveillance

  • Deployment of the secret service for tax collection

  • Receiving of stolen goods with stolen bank accounts and premiums for informers

In part, these instruments are already being implemented today to enforce the taxpayers’ ever-increasing burden and to contain uprisings. However, even the surveillance state will reach its limits at some point, because the “national debt” can do nothing but continue to grow.

The Debt Lie

The debts of today are the taxes of tomorrow,” says the so-called “Tax-Payers’ Union” and in doing so, they support the politicians when they want to increase taxes and fees once again, because “future generations would have to pay back even more taxes otherwise…” Can you believe this? Should whole generations be indebted? By whom then? The generation, the state – well, they are all of us! To whom should we owe these debts then – other generations for example? Of course, it can’t be other countries, because they are all up to their necks in debt too.

The state must pay back the debts because otherwise, no one would lend it anymore money,” say all those who have system education. To what end does a state even have to borrow money at all, when it could have sovereignty over its own currency itself? Because otherwise there would be inflation? Don’t we already have inflation anyway? Who even created the money that the state borrowed and is collecting all the interest anyway? Whose interests are the politicians representing when they never question the monetary system? To whom are they subordinate if they’re the ones always collecting more and more taxes to cover the rapidly increasing burden of interest?

The recent round of bank bailouts clearly revealed the inner workings of our financial system. The banks needed money, so they received it from the state. However, the state didn’t have any money either, so they borrowed it from the banks. But where did these banks suddenly get the money that they lent to the state? Banks don’t lend existing money – something that many people still believe today – no, they create it by extending credit. So, what we call “money” today is created – through debt.

The Repayment of Systematic Debt is Impossible

The growth of the tax burden and debt is systemic. Money is exclusively created when central and business banks lend it out. The whole money supply has only been loaned to the state, the businesses and the citizens. Theoretically, every single euro will have to be paid back. After all debts are paid, there would be no longer be any money.

Thus, the entire money supply is exactly equal to the huge mountain of debt – plus interest payments. If you really tried to pay back all debt, at the end of the day, you would still have the interest payments left because the money you need to settle them hasn't been created yet - it hasn't been lent out yet.

Regardless of this, the repayment of these sums of money is still impossible anyway, because these amounts increasingly accumulate in giant capital sinks due to the effects of interest. Ever larger capital flows pour into these financial black holes; their owners are hardly able to spend such massive amounts of money and sometimes don’t even know why they constantly “earn” so much. At the same time, on the other side of the coin, practically the whole of society slides deeper into the debt trap.

Technology, knowledge, goods and services are available in abundance. It’s not the amount of money that is key to the prosperity of a society, rather the fruits of its labor alone and these have never been so plentiful as they are today. The only question is: Why is it that the people who generate all of this prosperity can only ever afford less and less of it and politicians and the media always spur them on to do more work for less pay? The answer to this lies in our monetary and taxation system and the power structure resulting from this.

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and third President of the United States from 1801-1809 said, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent that their Fathers conquered… I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

Even though everyone has some experience with money, only a few know what money actually is and how it enters circulation. The process is not as complex as the people are led to believe. The essentials are quickly explained and easy to understand, namely, the creation of money and the effects of interest. These two mechanisms alone ensure that all of the national wealth will, slowly but surely, be redistributed to those who do nothing but create the money and own the capital sinks.

The Monetary System is a Conjuring Trick

In principle, money is a very useful invention as a means of exchange. The only questions are: Who creates it, how is it created and how does it come into or get brought into circulation? Money wasn’t always just simply there somehow. And it hasn’t been created by the state, because had it been, then surely all states wouldn’t be so indebted. To consider the central bank brings us closer, but then again, it’s only responsible for a tiny fraction of the money supply.

Nearly all of the money in our bank accounts is created by private banks by issuing credit. As opposed to “public opinion,” banks don’t lend the money that other customers have already deposited there. No, this only acts as a reserve while the banks issue multiples of this amount as credits. Strictly speaking, credits aren't exactly money, however, they function just like “real” money and you can use them to make payments as normal.

The German Central Bank describes this process of money multiplication as follows: “When a business bank awards a credit to a customer, they enter a credit claim vis-à-vis the customer on the asset side of their ledger – for example, 100,000 euros. At the same time, the bank credits the customer’s bank account with 100,000 euros, which is entered on the liability side of the ledger. This credit entry increases the deposits in the customer’s bank account – fiat money is created, which increases the money supply.

All that a business bank needs for issuing credits at the value of 100,000 euros is a reserve in the amount of 1,000 euros. This multiplication effect is created by the minimum reserve rate of only one percent. Thus, banks have the privilege of lending “money” they create themselves and charging interest on it. If this “money” is not payed back, they can call on the respective state apparatus to seize actual assets.

This privilege is so essential to the understanding of our financial, economic and social systems that is should be illustrated by means of another example:

[Example] A bank issues a 100,000 euro credit at 5% interest for a partially financed house. To keep this example from getting to complicated, let’s say that the repayment will be completed over the course of one year and assume that the bank has reserves exceeding 2,000 euros:

With the issuing of this credit, the bank credits the borrower’s account with 100,000 euros out of thin air. In return, it receives the right to seize the borrower’s house if they can’t pay back the credit with interest.

If the homeowner can pay back the 100,000 euros, then the credit money created in this way disappears again and the money supply contracts correspondingly. The problem, however, lies in the fact that the borrower has to come up with the extra 5,000 euros for the interest. For this, they need a portion of the money supply that was brought into circulation by other borrowers in this same way. If all borrowers tried to repay all their debts, this guarantees that there would always be someone who doesn’t have enough money to pay back the interest. [Example end]

The proponents of this method of money creation are correct in pointing out that the money brought into circulation by the banks is taken back out again after the debt is paid off. However, when the interest is included, more money always has to be paid back than originally was lent. If someone wants to repay their debts including interest, there has to be someone else who has that much more debt. This role can be assumed, for example, by the state.

Of course, this reasoning will also receive the reply that the interests paid will make their way back into the economic cycle in the form of salaries and bonuses for bank employees and through dividends to stockholders. However, this is only partially correct. Actually, the largest part of this river of interest flows to where the most capital is concentrated. As a rule, all those who have a growing, yearly income of billions will not be spending all of it just to cover their cost of living. In truth, these sums of money usually only return to the economic cycle again as loans at interest. This is something that only accelerates the growth of the capital sinks on the one hand and indebtedness on the other.

Now it’s also clear why the whole world is apparently drowning in debt: The entire money supply was created with an obligation to pay it back, but due to the interest system, it accumulates with the owners of the largest capital concentrations. If all of the states, companies and private individuals wanted to pay back their debts, they would first have to have access to this accumulated money. However, at the end of the day, even if they had access to this money, their interest debt would still remain.

Repayment of all credit and thus the entire money supply is cannot and will not happen in this system because afterward, there wouldn’t be any money remaining. Every bank account, every wallet and all cash registers would be empty. The economy would come to a standstill.

Instead, credit, debt and interest burdens grow ever larger and faster. You can recognize that this effect isn’t just a theory, but a reality when you simply consider the development of the exponentially growing national debts of all countries.

In this vicious circle of credit extension, the economy has to grow at least as fast as the mountain of money and debt, because the additional debt has to be guaranteed by additional securities. The result of this snowball system is constantly accelerating growth-mania. To keep this mechanism running, there always has to be more houses, machines, cars, ships, etc. being produced on credit. As soon as the economy stops growing, there are waves of bankruptcies everywhere – even though there isn't a material crisis anywhere. In the whole system, the only thing that’s missing is simply the money for the interest.

Bankruptcies are inevitable in this financial system – they’re guaranteed to affect someone. For this reason, the banks always need “sureties,” because “surely” a portion of them will always be seized. In this way, the banks continue to heap up real wealth, even though they never even lent out anything real at all. “The bank always wins.” This old conjuring trick is based on simple mathematics and doesn’t only work in a casino, but it's the basis of our whole financial system.

Gradual Dispossession by Interest on Money Created from Nothing

The repayment of the so-called “national debt,” which is actually systemic indebtedness, was never intended and isn’t even a part of our financial system’s plan.

The debt burden taken on by states, companies and private households was necessary to bring the credit money created by otherwise unproductive banks into circulation. If the state wants to reduce its portion of this mountain of debt, it must either collect the money that it brought into circulation plus interest or others must assume the same amount of debt.

Although in theory, individual participants in the system could get out of debt, they can only do this at a cost to the others who would have a corresponding increase in their debt load. Everyone can’t pay off their debts at the same time – it doesn’t matter how hard they work – and in the eyes of the people running the system, they shouldn't even try to do this. The aim of these debts is the interest. For the people paying these taxes and interest, it always means more work and more being taken away. Taxes and interest are the engine for the redistribution from the hard-working to the rich.

Politicians and economists always assure us that the growth of the national debt isn't a problem because the economy is also growing. However, aside from the fact that the economy can’t grow forever, they use this argument to avoid dealing with the crux of the issue. They don’t even respond to the fundamental question of why we even have to pay interest at all, just to have money circulating in a national economy.

Although the interest question also has something to do with the economy, it is basically a question of power. Interest can only be required when someone is powerful enough to charge it. It systematically ensures an ever-faster concentration of power with those who, through the interest system, skim an ever-increasing amount of effort from working people. The fact that sovereign countries are also forced to pay interest leads us to the conclusion that there are powers in existence that are more powerful than nation states.

If we follow this system and how it’s structured, it leads to the mathematically inevitable dispossession of the people by the international financial elite. They always loan out the money they create themselves and are repaid in property, waterworks, power plants, telephone cables, healthcare assets, post offices, railways, streets, buildings and so forth. Our entire infrastructure, our labor and the labor of our offspring will inevitably become the property of the financial elite without them having to provide anything in return. Economists like to describe these appropriations as “privatization” (Latin: privare = deprive, take, rob).

In the entire history of the Federal Republic of Germany, not one single “representative of the people” has wanted to acknowledge this connection. It goes without saying that none of them have ever tried to do anything against it, even though this is precisely their foremost duty. In fact, according to their oath of office, they must devote all of their energies to the well-being of the German people, promote their welfare and protect them from harm. More on this later…

These few facts are the crux of all economic and societal problems. Everyone who is engaged in politics or calls themselves an economics expert should have an understanding of this basic knowledge. After all, it isn’t that difficult to understand. Unfortunately, the only ones who have a hard time understanding this at the beginning are the ones who have studied economics. Thanks to the official theories, their view on the fundamentals of money creation and the interest effect is completely obscured.

Although interest may have been justified throughout history as a risk premium and the price of borrowing capital, in our modern banking system, interest is charged on the borrowing of nothing. For the mere necessity of a state bringing currency into circulation, interest is already due. Through this system, an artificial debt trap is created for everyone who possesses less capital than necessary to keep ahead of the game. All attempts at building up enough private capital through honest work will be strangled by interest and our disincentivizing tax system.

Everyone who has less than one million euros

in equity is an interest slave,

even when they themselves are not in debt. The excessive interest created by the “money from nothing” is hidden in the price of everything.

In the meantime, interest is responsible for about 40 percent of our cost of living. This interest burden is hidden primarily in rental prices, but also in taxes and fees. It is responsible for increasing all prices, because everyone who contributes to the value-added chain has to figure their interest expenses into the retail price of their goods and services.

With this interest component at approximately 40 percent, the average family paying around 25,000 euros a year to meet their living expenses will pay about 10,000 euros in hidden interest. Ironically, it is just these people who believe that they are profiting from the interest system. When they have, for example, 100,000 euros in a savings account, they are happy to see the interest they earn on their annual statement. Unfortunately, most people don’t take into account the interest they are paying (because it’s hidden in the prices).

So, when the average, debt-free family pays 10,000 euros a year in interest, it’s no surprise that more and more people must resort to welfare and other state financial benefits. When someone can’t cover this interest burden themselves, it is shifted to the total burden on the taxpayers. The tax authorities – acting as the muscle for the banks – then take the money away from the taxpayers and give a portion of it, temporarily, to the needy. Needless to say, regardless of how they spend it, 40 percent comes back as tribute to big capital in the form of hidden interest. In this little game of “divide and conquer,” both the taxpayers and the welfare recipients mustn’t place the blame on each other. Both groups are sitting in the same boat. Their opponents are the banks and the politicians who are redistributing the wealth from the hardworking to the rich in the service of the moneyed powers.

Only when someone has equity invested to the tune of about one million euros do they have a net return on their capital. After taxes and inflation this is roughly equal to the annual magnitude of their interest burden (hidden in their expenses). Once past this threshold, you stop paying interest on the bottom line. Thus, whoever has considerably more capital, they go from being a net interest payer to a net interest receiver – only, unfortunately, at the expense of their fellow human beings.

Above this critical capital mass, life is significantly easier. The further you live below this threshold, the more interest you pay to others, even when you yourself have never gone into debt. This is a camouflaged form of something that has always existed in all human cultures: slavery. The system, by design, ensures that working for a wage remains an inefficient method of escaping the interest trap.”

Who wouldn't like to “let their money do the work for them?” But money doesn’t do any work at all. It is always people that do the work for the interest. Everyone who is letting their money work for them is actually letting other people work for them. The people paying aren’t just the ones who have gotten themselves into debt, they are all the people who simply don’t possess enough capital.

This is the way it is in our money system with its debt bondage and interest effect. To earn money, you need one thing above all else: money. It is considerably easier to double a billion than to pay off your own little house through honest work. Depending on inflation, from the interest on a billion euros alone, you can buy 50 houses a year without lifting a finger and without using up any of your equity. However, if one is born into poverty, they will be running on the hamster wheel their whole life and thanks to the “stress” of these “fast-paced times,” they won’t even have any time to reflect on it.

We Have a Feudal Money System

At the top of the hierarchy there are the feudal lords. They collect several thousand euros in interest revenues (per day)! Below them are the free citizens who, with their personal capital in excess of a million euros, take in at least as much interest as they pay. Way down at the bottom of the pyramid are the interest slaves who, having less than a million euros in equity, have to earn all of the wealth that is transferred from the bottom to the top.

Through this pyramid system, not much has changed since the times of feudalism in the middle ages. The wealth generated by the interest slaves is distributed to the top. Thanks to progressively increasing income taxes and fees, everyone who tries to become a free citizen by working to amass the necessary personal capital through honest, compulsory labor is primarily working for the monied aristocracy. You must earn millions for the feudal lords before you can become a free citizen. The most never make it and will never experience this freedom their whole lives.

The French Revolution itself didn’t do anything to change the situation. When the heads stopped rolling, it was only a change from a system in which inefficient, personal bondage (serfdom) was replaced by a modern slave-state. Even the communist countries stole the goods and services of the people under their control to deliver them to the international financial elite in the form of interest. And even the National Socialists (Nazis), who ran on the platform of ending German financial servitude, only broke their promise of liberation when they came to power in 1933.

Since states themselves finance their commonwealths with a portion of the money stolen from their own inhabitants, many citizens believe that the state was created by them and serves their interests. If people actually recognized who has created, owns and controls their state, this system would hardly function without a corresponding tyrannical dictatorship.

The slave state model, which is controlled by the international financial elite to manage the people living within the jurisdiction of their respective countries, has now been implemented world-wide. Even colonialism was replaced by interest slavery.

The great thinker and poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already realized in his day: “No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who mistakenly believe that they are free.”

While the feudal lords in earlier societies had to deal with the problems of slave uprisings because their subjects didn’t want to be forced to work, today’s modern slaves only rebel when they don’t have any work. This is mainly thanks to the new, external appearance of slavery. It is so subtle today that hardly anyone is aware of their role as a slave. This is because in our modern system, there is no longer any personal designation between slaves and masters. Today, this function is fulfilled by the money and tax system and the slave driver is the apparatus of the banks and the government.

The following quote is attributed to the brothers Rothschild, who were able to obtain a significant role among the global financial elite in the 19th century: “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

The great majority of people today actually live under slavery. This is not an analogy, but reality. Whoever has too little capital has to permanently work for rent, interest and taxes – even if they have never taken out a loan. The income flows, for the most part, to the feudal lords and they then use that same money to make the slaves dance to their tune. In doing so, they are provided with goods and services for a decadent life of abundance without ever having the need to work.

Actual Tax Ratio: over 85%

The politicians are pretty clever when it comes to effectively disguising the real burden that rests on productive working people. Who is actually capable of calculating their personal contribution including all visible and invisible interest, taxes, social security contributions, penalties and fees? It isn’t possible. The equation has too many unknowns.

What’s easier and still more accurate than trying to calculate this is simply to compare the visible results. In Germany, for example: In order to earn enough money to cover an employer’s gross pay for one hour of one of their workers who is also performing compulsory labor, an employee making the same hourly wage has to work for one whole day. This corresponds to a relationship of about 7 or 8 to 1 between what one earns and what one receives, thus, a fiscal burden of over 85%.

Educating the System’s Slaves

While on one hand, interest and fees are always increasing systematically, on the other hand, there are ever fewer people who can perform the necessary work. The system needs to be resupplied as fast as possible!

Children are sent to preschool at a younger age, public schooling (Gymnasium) in Germany was shortened from 13 to 12 years, bachelors and masters students are sped through college at breakneck speeds and vocational schools and job training have become drill routines. Many young people complain that they don’t even have any time to fall in love – and now we know why. The next generation has to be made available as quickly as possible for the slave market we call “the job market.” From earliest childhood, they have to get used to serving the system from early in the morning until late in the evening and they also have to think that this is normal.

In the process, the tuition fees and the portion of interest in the rent and in other living expenses kill two birds with one stone. They intensify the deadline pressure on the students and often drive them into the debt trap before they even get started. This ensures that they’ll be even more submissive slaves. Through various unpaid internships, the next generation’s slaves can also get used to being thankful for having the opportunity to work for nothing.

As soon as a profession is learned, the financial parasites immediately descend to enrich themselves on the fruits of honest work with life insurance and home building loan contracts as well as state-subsidized, supplementary pension plans (Riester- and Rürup-Rente in Germany). Politicians are happy to create the legal basis for such deceptive models because, after all, they are also benefiting from the profits arising from these schemes. Naturally, throughout their school career, no one is ever given an explanation of these types of adhesion contracts.

What the children get force-fed in the public-school system almost exclusively serves the maintenance of the system. This includes reading and arithmetic, prescribed methods of rote learning and the ability to regurgitate everything on command. The official doctrine on science, history, politics and economics must be learned by heart – of course, without any questionable content nor any reflection on the authors’ motives. Independent, critical thinking is discouraged from the very beginning. You’re wrong! Now sit down!

It goes without saying that in Germany it is forbidden to take your children out of the drill system called a school in the name of educating them yourself and letting them learn something true and useful – at least for the slaves. After all, their children must be drilled into becoming obedient turbo-slaves, because who is going to earn the money to cover the growing debt burden as well as the retirement and pension funds of tomorrow? “Growth, growth über alles…” could be the motto of the system politicians – “because after all, the people serve the economy and not the other way around.

Cultures on the Verge of Extinction

While on the one side there are ever fewer children being born, on the other side, they are being saddled with ever greater debt at their birth. Also, instead of women wasting valuable work time on housekeeping, children and maintaining a family, they should also be running on the hamster wheel with the male interest slaves. At least this is what is heard from the ones responsible for promoting emancipation in the media and politics. Since it has now been recognized that traditional families are critical of the work and consume society and could thus endanger economic growth, single and same-sex lifestyles have become the darlings of the media and politics.

Of course, the result of this development can also be seen in the birth rates. Thus, to ensure that the regions affected by declining birth rates also have enough manpower available to harvest interest, immigration is being promoted instead of investing in a younger generation. This doesn’t just save on education costs, it also transforms recalcitrant populations into a mixed-up, divided and therefore easier to control mass of people.

You can sum up capitalistic family politics exactly as follows: Emancipation, childlessness and immigration. Families are not profitable in a society that should be serving capital. At this point, we have to ask ourselves again, whose interests are the politicians actually representing? It is also unclear what will even remain of Germany’s inhabitants, the country of the poets and thinkers, after a few more generations. Is there an effort being promoted here to get the people to adapt to a superordinate financial and economic system instead of implementing a system that accommodates the people?

Whoever gets upset about this and stirs up hatred with minorities because of this becomes an instrument of the system. They are fighting the symptoms and not the causes. Mixing different groups of victims together results in constant conflict. We shouldn’t let ourselves get carried away in this manufactured strife – especially between Christians and Moslems – while in the background, the puppet masters are grinning and rubbing their hands together. Inciting the slaves against one another, according to the motto of “divide and conquer,” has always been one of the most important aspects of every political control strategy.

Throughout the history of both Christian and also Islamic culture – and many others as well – there were times in which these societies were true to the ban on usury as it is laid out in the Bible. Whether you are a believer or not – the wise men of old were well aware of the destructive force of the interest system on peoples that suffered under it. Ever since modern cultures have gone back to the practice of usury, they have been doomed to fail – unless they have been able to peacefully free themselves from this system.

The Struggle to Pay the Interest Destroys Society

A wise man once said: “Gold is the money of kings, silver the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of the farmers, but debt is the money of the slave.”

Our paper money is not real money. It is only bank notes that can be used to repay debts. On the dollar it’s even printed right on it: “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” All you have to do is read it. Unfortunately, nothing is written on the euro, so this isn’t visible to everyone in the euro zone. However, this currency works according to the same principle.

Since all bank notes from the central banks and the bank deposits from the business banks are only loaned and the money for all the interest doesn't even exist yet, the question arises: What will be used to pay the interest?

This is where the old game of musical chairs begins. Everyone has to find a chair, but there's always one too few. As soon as the banks stop the music, i.e., don’t issue any more credit for the interest, people have to scramble for the missing money all at once. This situation is described by economists as a “recession.” It doesn’t matter how hard you worked or saved, there isn’t enough liquidity in the money supply for everyone.

The losers, who can’t go into debt any deeper, have to give up their material assets. In the process, the state is also acting as the muscle for the banks, because it forces the people to accept this bank money as “legal tender.” Finally, it is also the state’s authority that carries out the systematic asset seizures on behalf of the money producers and lenders so that these “institutions” can have free access to goods and services.

The interest effect creates a spiral of always expanding indebtedness on the one hand and the ever-faster expansion of wealth on the other. Thanks to interest and taxes, the reallocation from the hardworking to the rich will always intensify in this way automatically.

The so-called financial crises we experience today are comparable with the end of a Monopoly game when there are no more properties, houses, railways and utilities left to buy. Whoever doesn’t own any of these has to settle with just making the rounds, i.e. working. However, the money that you get for passing GO, that income isn’t even enough to make it around the board – game over! At this point in Monopoly, you would start a new game, but the winners in the real world don’t want to quit while they’re ahead. They would much rather offer the losers even more credit and expand their system of oppression. We will never be able to begin a new chapter in economic history without a fresh start.

In the daily struggle to pay the hidden cost of interest, most people are too busy to recognize the problem with the system. Everyone is fighting for themselves against everyone else. People don’t have time to help one another anymore. You don’t get far on idealism, morality and honest work alone. You can achieve more with materialism, manipulation, lies, fraud and force.

Whoever sticks to morals and ethics, whoever benefits society as an idealist and works honestly – they will hardly be able to escape the interest trap. On the other hand, whoever embraces materialism and usury, lies to and defrauds others and steals their money cleverly, they will cash in on the interests, bonuses, compensations, commissions, allowances, retirement funds, yachts, castles, company cars and so forth, without any sweat – they only need to sell out on their conscience and the trust that the people placed in them. Logically, this negative-selection process will lead to the inevitable collapse of society.

Crime and acts of desperation are not a result of any shortage of laws, police and surveillance as the politicians and media are always wont to indicate. Behind the scenes, you can quickly understand the real cause: Namely, this is a society that suffers under the burdens of this system and is getting more materialistic, unhappier and unfriendlier.

The problematic nature of the interest effect has been known for millennia. There is a good reason that most religions forbid interest. However, wherever interests were used, a Jubilee year was regularly proclaimed in which all debts were cancelled. The present world-wide crisis is a result of today’s generation of creditors’ ongoing efforts. They are attempting to deny this historical knowledge and even mathematics itself in order to postpone the necessary debt relief for as long as possible and by all means necessary.

This is the True Cause of the Fiscal Crisis

Like black holes that suck in more and more matter due to their enormous and ever-expanding gravitational field, the giant concentrations of capital also suck more and more money out of the economy thanks to their ever-expanding demand for interest. Always wanting to reflate the market with even more debt is comparable with the attempt to satisfy a black hole by offering it additional matter.

Real estate bubbles and financial derivatives, over-indebted states, corporations and consumers, greedy managers, politicians and speculators are not the cause of the fiscal crisis, but rather just symptoms of a system that cannot function indefinitely. Also, strict regulation of the “financial markets” or a “balanced budget amendment” is no cure, it’s just a Band-Aid. “Capital must be satisfied…” until the system comes crashing down. This result is inevitable, since debt grows exponentially, while the economy in our finite world can only grow within certain limits.

As soon as the public cannot go into debt any deeper or are out of collateral, the system won’t have the additional debtors needed to service the increasing interest burden.

At this point, there won’t be any more material to fuel the growth of wealth. The banks, just an instrument of the system up until this point, will now fall victim themselves. Since the banks must always deliver more interest to their owners and the shareholders of the capital sinks, but can’t find anyone else to pay them even more interest now, these capital centers will finally cannibalize themselves.

State bailouts – which all eventually land at the feet of the banks' owners – only serve to extend the comforts of this system to its beneficiaries in high finance and politics for as long as possible. The collapse cannot be prevented. However, they are trying to delay it for as long as possible, at all costs, hoping that their successors will be in office to take the blame. Regardless, as soon as the state is hopelessly over-indebted, it will go down along with the system.

The Fall Will Be Preceded by a Phase of Fascism

During the system’s end phase, they will try to fill the debt gap with explosive growth of the national debt. At this point, only the state remains as a reliable debtor, because it can forcibly confiscate its own citizens’ property and always coerce them into more debt servitude. High finance, banks, corporations and government all oppress the people together. This is the textbook definition of fascism.

The economist, Ludwig von Mises (1881 – 1973), already recognized in his day: “The apparatus of the state is an apparatus of coercion and compulsion. The nature of government activity is to force people, either by the use of force or the threat of force, to behave differently than they would of their own free will.”

After paying taxes, fees and interest, the people automatically have less remaining to support their own lives. At some point, it is inevitable that the limits of what can be justified in a democracy will be exceeded. The result is a police state.

Today, constitutional rights continue to be reduced and restricted. Mass electronic surveillance, Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) laws, online searches, residential wire-taps, elimination of banking confidentiality, the use of the intelligence services against citizens, immunity and rewards for hackers and whistle-blowers acting against private persons/companies and many more instruments are primarily envisaged for one purpose and are already being used for it: tax collection.

The continuous upgrading of the power apparatus will not be easy to stop without external influences. The developments over the last few decades are still going on, because those who have the power now will never voluntarily relinquish it. They only want more and more of it. Their lust for power knows no bounds.

Instead of giving up their system, those in power will first do away with cash money. This is so they can squeeze even more out of their subjects and win a little bit more time. Then, transactions and the holding of financial assets will only be allowed in electronic form and under the complete control of the state. Taxes, penalties, fees and whatever else they need will be able to be collected directly from those subject to these liabilities. Anyone making a fuss will simply have their account frozen – it won't be a good time to be a government critic or a member of the resistance...

Popular revolt is unavoidable, because sooner or later the people will become aware of their oppression and discontent will cross a critical threshold. In light of this, the introduction of internet censorship, the legal preparation for the deployment of German army troops internally (like the repeal of Posse Comitatus in America) and the reintroduction of the death penalty in the case of rioting and civil upheaval in the Lisbon Treaty are alarming developments.

Naturally, such measures need to be justified in order to be accepted by the majority of the population. The so-called wars on terror, crime and child pornography deliver the perfect pretexts for moving this agenda forward.

However, terrorism has already been staged quite often. In history (the Reichstag fire) and in the present (9/11), such means have already served many regimes as a justification for the disposal of citizens' rights and also to force allies into alleged defensive wars, which were and are actually wars of aggression.

Increasing crime is a consequence of the increasing redistribution from the hardworking to the rich. Thanks to the structure of the financial system, this is only increasing in magnitude. However, the problem of crime would be much easier to solve if the engine driving this redistribution was shut off – the interest-based monetary system.

Censoring the internet is also not the way to deal with child pornography. This solution is completely inappropriate technologically. It is even counterproductive, since this will just hide the perpetrators instead of exposing them for arrest. However, system experts have long expected this attack on the internet. The internet is the greatest threat that has ever arisen in the eyes of the powerful and their media. The information that is causing the system to falter is spreading ever faster and this is why it is either kept secret/ignored by the mainstream media or portrayed as “fake news.”

The police state can keep the system artificially alive for a little while longer. In the process, the majority of peoples' lives will become even more unbearable. However, there are also mathematical limits that will be reached, at the latest, when the state's interest payments are so high that the entire income of all its citizens will no longer be enough to cover them.

The amount of time that we will have to endure this senseless end phase, before the system collapses due to its own structural defects anyway, depends on how long the people can tolerate it and how long they can keep it on life support with their taxes and interest.

The way to get out of this has been known for a long time. A transition to a sustainable financial and economic system as fast as possible would spare us this painful end phase. Nevertheless, the politicians are clinging to the existing system with all their might and sometimes with unconstitutional methods also, because this system offers them privileges that they would otherwise lose. In doing so, they are defrauding and betraying their own people.

Permanent Economic Growth and Cyclical Destruction

Since all money only enters circulation as loans and the money for the interest has to be created by issuing new loans, new value always has to be created to cover these loans. Thus, the economy must always grow at least as fast as the growth of the interest burden. When economic performance remains unchanged for “only” one year, this must mean that everybody must be doing just as well as the year before. Instead, due to the interest, we need growth “at all costs,” – at least in the opinion of the politicians and the media.

Economic growth creates real wealth. This, however, only makes its way into the hands of workers if the growth rate is larger than the interest rate. This is because the cream of the newly created wealth is first skimmed off by the net interest-receivers and then whatever’s left over can improve the living conditions of the interest slaves.

Aside from questions as to the injustice of this method, the system also has an inherent mathematical problem: The interest effect causes the exponential growth of both the money supply and combined debt. Thus, the interest burden accelerates toward infinity at ever-increasing speeds. Although the economy can try to grow exponentially for a while, permanent exponential growth is impossible because it can’t generate enough collateral to cover the ever-increasing mountain of debt.

At a 2.8 percent annual rate of economic growth, for example, economic performance (GDP) doubles every 25 years. This means that in just 150 years, 64 times more goods will have to be produced than today - and in 300 years, more than 4,000 times as much. The devastating consequences of this exponential function will already be clearly apparent within about 75 years. The Kondratiev hypothesis states that at this point, at the latest, is when the economy cannot continue to grow as fast as the exponentially growing burden of interest.

Nothing in nature can grow exponentially forever. A malignant tumor can grow exponentially, but only until its host dies. Economic growth is comparable with a body attempting to grow faster than a cancer tumor to keep the tumor’s percent share of the whole body as small as possible.

Even John Maynard Keynes (1883 – 1946, one of the most important advocates of our present economic system) himself admitted that this is impossible over the long-term. Instead, he decided to just ignore the inevitable problem. His answer: “In the long run we are all dead.

The consequence of this is the total destruction of all created wealth every two to three generations. The scrapping of existing cars to promote new production by means of “scrapping incentives” is only just a harmless example of this. Unfortunately, from a mathematical standpoint, a lot more will have to be destroyed in order to maintain this financial and economic system. Economic miracles are only possible after large wars. After the senseless destruction comes the senseless reconstruction. The next war is inevitable. Is all this really necessary just to maintain our sick financial and economic system? Permanent full-time employment is impossible and is actually unnecessary. Only our despotic financial and economic system forces us to do this. History will repeat itself – at least as long as we embrace this system.

The predominant financial system is so macabre: It doesn’t tolerate the creation of any lasting value. Countless patents have been and continue to be bought up by the established elites only to prevent them from being implemented and thereby, protecting the old monopolies. If someone, for example, discovers a cure for a lucrative disease or a way to store energy efficiently, it must be kept under wraps. If it weren’t, so much work would be rendered unnecessary and economic output would be reduced so dramatically that the system would collapse all the sooner.

The Wise Men of Gotham: “Social Is Whatever Creates Work.”

Everyone must work more to earn more money.” This is at least what the politicians and the “experts” that we hear in the media have to say, but money is not created by working. It is created with debt. Money is also not “earned” for the most part by one’s own work, but rather through the work of others, namely, through interest.

Our specialized economy and technological progress really serve to relieve people of work. This is proceeding so successfully now that fewer and fewer people are actually required to work and the unemployment rates are constantly rising. The only “problem” with this is that this progress isn't compatible with our financial system, which requires the permanent growth of debt. Ultimately for debt, people must work. The demand for “more jobs” being spouted from all directions under the motto, “Had man never invented the machine, then we would all have more work,” – exactly like the fairy tale of being able to repay national debts – is one of the stupidest and most ridiculous feats by the Wise Men of Gotham there ever was one.

Goods and services are available in abundance. Less work and more free time wouldn't be a calamity for most people, instead, it would be an achievement. We would only have to organize the distribution of the benefits sensibly, and that is, so that hard work is rewarded once again.

How much time would you have for your family and cultural pursuits if:

  • you didn’t have to constantly work to pay taxes, fees, rent and interest?

  • the economy didn’t have to expand exponentially forever?

  • we would distribute the available work more equitably?

  • all people were included in performing useful work?

  • the pharmaceutical industry would cure people instead of securing long-term customers?

  • countless useful inventions were allowed to be implemented?

  • the entire public wasn’t constantly manipulated through advertising and the media?

  • we had an economic system in which we didn’t have to destroy everything on a regular basis just to achieve full employment afterwards?

For the most part, incomes are disproportionate to the utility people generate. Work performed in the following fields does not generate any real wealth:

  • the financial system

  • the tax system

  • the legal system

  • the armaments industry

  • large parts of the pharmaceutical industry

  • advertising

  • politics

  • the administrative apparatus of the government

  • and many more

Many senseless jobs could be eliminated with no need of replacement in the context of a sound money system. There is no benefit to society when millions of people are only occupied with trying to manipulate each other with advertisements for products that nobody needs, with unsolicited telemarketing and by harassing each other with sales calls or all the countless other ways people try to hustle each other out of their money. Instead of creating senseless and complicated forms to fill out, laws, insurances, warning notices, poisons and antidotes, CO2 certificates, weapons, lies and other absurdities that only plague others and oneself, we could simply be enjoying our well-deserved free time and let the technology we developed over the last several centuries do the work for us.

In a resource economy that doesn’t have to grow continuously to serve the interests of the monetary system, senseless occupations are eliminated without replacement - and that's a good thing, because when a job only serves to create work, then our society can do without it! Work that doesn’t serve the satisfaction of needs or is even harmful to people can be eliminated if the right to participation in the amount of goods created is maintained.

Today, unfortunately, this right is bound exclusively to work and money, regardless of how senseless or even destructive the underlying work may be. Herein also lies one of the most important reasons for why the unconditional basic income (see Plan B) is actually fiscally viable. To understand this, you only have to think outside the box of our current system and you can’t start trying to calculate these solutions in any debt-based currency. These solutions only work with a currency that, as opposed to dollars or euros, are brought into circulation without creating any national debt or the burden of interest.

How we can get out of this madness has been known for a long time. A transition to a sustainable financial and economic system as fast as possible would spare us the painful end phase of the existing system. Nevertheless, the politicians are holding on with all their might and sometimes with unconstitutional methods also, because this system offers them privileges that they would lose otherwise. In the process, they are defrauding and betraying their own people.

Sound economic systems have existed for a long time in theory. For example, we could also introduce a market economy, but this would only be possible if the monetary system also followed market economic mechanisms. Needless to say, alternatives like these will, of course, not be allowed by the ones currently benefiting from the established system.

Capitalist Command Economy:

The Central Bank as the Central Committee

Inflation, deflation, economic growth and economic crises are controlled centrally via the monetary system. The monetary form, amount, interest rate and the granting of credit are not subject to any market mechanisms, but instead they are dictated by the central banks. These are in no way legitimate democratic institutions. Almost all countries “voluntarily” subordinate themselves to them. They determine the value of their own self-created money and thus, can use it to extend or take away purchasing power at will.

Stock market indexes and prices rise and fall depending on how fast the banks flood the system with fresh money. Open the money floodgates and the markets and prices rise. Don’t open them as wide, they sink. Since the central and business banks – and their owners! – control the amount of money themselves, they always know the direction the markets are heading in advance. This is how they generate sure profits – and bonuses – at the expense of the small investor, who only ever gets wind of the markets’ movements after the fact.

For the people running the system, it's not about money. After all, they can create that themselves with their banks. For them, money is only an instrument that gives them power and provides them with a wealth of goods and services. With the help of the financial system, they keep the people doing the productive work poor and in debt, because then they work even harder and create even more wealth that they then hand over for cheaply printed money.

When half of all the goods involved in every trade – i.e. the money – is centrally controlled in its form, amount, value and expenditure practice by a central body, then that’s not a market economy, it’s a command economy. Communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin. Both systems are fundamentally based on a command economy and the only difference is that the one has a central committee and the other has a central bank.

With this in mind, we must remember that central banks are not non-profit institutions. They are overwhelmingly in the hands of the international plutocracy.

Money Makes the World Go ‘Round –

But Who Makes the Money Go ‘Round?

Whoever has the control over a country's money also has control over the country. Unfortunately, today, our masters aren’t elected by the people. When this is the case, it doesn't matter at all if capitalism or communism is used to loot the respective population. The only thing that matters is if the government is subordinate to its central bank or not.

Frankly, a country doesn’t have to be indebted at all and always be paying interest, because it could be issuing its own money. The only thing that must be avoided is that the country doesn't issue endless amounts of money and create inflation. The creation of money was put in the hands of the private banking system to avoid this potential problem and from the beginning, this is just what they have done. Unfortunately, they haven't done this in the public interest, but in their own private interest instead.

Money is created in the central and business banks where their owners can pull all the strings. The money masters have the power to create money from nothing. They determine who gets it and what they must do to get it. They buy everyone and everything with it:

  • the media, who lie to the people and shape public opinion

  • the politicians, who create the desired laws

  • the courts, who never condemn or convict them

  • the police, who protect them

  • the soldiers, to wage their wars

  • the weapons, with which their soldiers kill

When a country doesn't have its own currency, and thus in need of constant credit, then that country is dependent on the moneylenders just like a corporation or a private citizen. An indebted country is almost always managed by people outside their government. It can’t act in the interest of its citizens, but instead, it must serve the interests of the moneylenders. The authority of the state does not arise from the people, as stated in article 20, paragraph 2 of the German Constitution, but from the superordinate, moneyed power – the plutocracy.

Already by the 18th century, one of the most important money masters of his time, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was reported to have said: “Give me the control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws."

Today, the global financial system is based on the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, one group of private individuals – the owners of the largest private banks – brought this currency under their control. Since the founding of the Federal Reserve, or the Fed, this private American central bank that issues the dollar has determined the history of the world. The Fed is so powerful that the United States government itself doesn’t have the courage to look into their books.

Many people today still believe that the so-called “US” dollar is a fixture of the US government. If this was the case, then why is America x-trillion dollars in debt? In the international, supranational, private finance system, the USA itself as a country is only a dependent, indebted participant.

The last US President that wanted to take power away from the Fed was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It’s a little-known fact that on the 4th of June 1963, he signed Executive Order No. 11110, a directive that enabled the US government to issue its own, silver-backed money – the United States Note – instead of having to pay interest for Federal Reserve Notes.

For a short time in 1963, dollar notes from two different issuers were in circulation. Original examples and pictures to document this are still easy to find today. The one main difference is the text printed above in the middle of the note. On the real, US American state money you can see “United States Note.” On the plutocratic, private money from the Fed you see “Federal Reserve Note.”

According to the official record, Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1963, by the magic bullet of a mentally deranged, lone perpetrator. This just happened to be a fortunate accident for the money masters, because Kennedy’s Vice President and successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, never made use of Executive Order No. 11110. No subsequent President made use of it either and Ronald Reagan and the US Congress revoked any potential power it had during Reagan’s first term. This national currency was immediately taken out of circulation after Kennedy’s death and since then, no other US President has decided to get involved in this type of politics.

The USA is not the only country that has tried and failed in an attempt to resist the international plutocracy. Many sovereign countries that didn't want to submit to the global debt money system and opted to implement their own financial and economic system are history today – destroyed and replaced with puppet regimes – thanks to the help of the USA, the most visible henchman of international high finance. The US has already brought down many sovereign governments with violent force. The young, unwitting soldiers abused for this purpose may not even have had a clue about the powers they were really serving.

Although the official history books written after these events steer well clear of any monetary policy issues, everything else that goes down in the books is, of course, the complete and unadulterated truth. If this isn’t the case, then it’s best that these Pandora’s Boxes of official history are only opened by the courageous, by those who are ready to break the laws of groupthink. This is especially the case if Thomas Jefferson was right when he said, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”

In our modern era, countries that were or are now being democratized by allied forces and integrated into the dollar-centered, world financial system include: Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. In the process, they will be transformed into money-controlled slave states. Iran and other “rogue states” are certainly the next in line. When bribes, economic sanctions and special forces operations don't work and also the local population remains resistant to western propaganda and Hollywood brainwashing – i.e. they don’t fan the flames of the revolution the masters desire for their country – then there will of course be another large terrorist attack or some terribly evil dictator will threaten the “free world” again and this will provide the justification for the next war. History repeats itself – at least as long as this monetary system is responsible for making the world go ‘round.

All supranational monetary institutions – the IMF, BIS, World Bank and the individual central banks – are all privately owned through various channels. That there are no national monies and only private monies exist can be recognized by the fact that otherwise, there would be countries out there with no national debt. In this system, the countries are only subdivisions for the superordinate plutocracy. They carry out the dirty work for the international private bankers and also serve as their armed forces, forcing the people of the world to use their self-issued private money as “legal tender” and, if necessary, to violently subjugate any other people who don’t want to submit voluntarily.

Mass Media as an Instrument of Power

Money makes the world go ‘round, but not without the help of the media. Therefore, since the money manufacturers have access to unlimited financial means, it isn’t all that difficult for them to bring all of the capital-intensive media – i.e. TV, radio and the press – under their control and thus, shape “public opinion” according to their own wishes.

All major media conglomerates can be found in the hands of a few influential personalities that avoid publicity and whose names will never be found on the mastheads. Additionally, “public broadcasting” media doesn't belong to the people as long as that country is indebted to certain creditors. One can only speculate when it comes to the values and interests of the media owners – that is, if one even thinks that far.

Like in every other corporation, media conglomerates and public broadcasting entities operate under hierarchical structures. Every journalist has a boss who, in turn, gets their instructions from the next level up. Every reporter, news anchor, moderator, “celebrity,” department head, editor-in-chief and so on is dependent on their job and thus, must perform according to their instructions from above. “He who pays the piper, calls the tune.” Even a media conglomerate’s chairman of the board is just a little fish compared to the owners. Whoever steps out of line will be silenced or simply fired.

Many credulous people maintain their belief in the official explanation of the events that took place on September 11th, 2001, for example, because they just can’t imagine that all of the journalists would lie and not a single one of them would blow the whistle. This expectation is, however, simply naïve! It’s not even necessary for all journalists to be members of such a “conspiracy.” Most of them don’t even question the agency reports that they are given to copy or report on at all. Investigative journalists, who have the character, self-confidence and courage to swim against the mainstream are uncommon and usually unemployed. They certainly aren’t being featured on the evening news. In journalism, just like in politics for the most part, only the most insidious, cunning, characterless and deceitful elements reach the top. These rules also apply here:

  • Whoever is intelligent and honest will get fired or leaves voluntarily.

  • Whoever is clever and cunning can play along and rise in the ranks.

  • Whoever is naïve and obedient can earn their bread in the lower levels.

Mass psychology is the number one specialty of those who shape “public opinion.” Everyone can be manipulated. A human brain hardly has a chance of withstanding the professional methods of the manipulators. Even the hardest-nosed will sometimes believe the most ridiculous reports as long as they are packaged in a sophisticated enough way and repeated often enough. Many even begin to doubt their own sanity when it seems that everyone else believes in and does certain things and they are the only one who is different. Small sects like Scientology can only dream of being able to brainwash on a global scale like this. Even the Catholic Church can’t keep up with them here.

If techniques of manipulation weren’t as effective as they are, the field of advertising psychology wouldn’t even exist because it would be useless. A human’s brain – regardless of how intelligent the individual is – is like a computer without a firewall and there is no limit to its number of back doors. The emotional stimulus packed into messages find their way into our consciousness unfiltered, directly into our limbic systems. In this part of the brain, where emotions and instinctive behavior is located, the signals deliver the desired result, usually without even being noticed. There is a reason why advertising is so expensive. Every second of broadcasting time has access to millions of unprotected brains in which an advertiser can elicit the desired behavior.

It goes without saying that just like in advertising, similar methods are also used in the creation of opinion. Their biggest weapon is the “public discussion,” in which the only participants, or at least the overwhelming majority, are representatives of the system parties or opposition shills. In the process, the viewer gets the impression that the social group that they belong to has come to a shared opinion at a real gathering in which they took part. Since they couldn’t participate in the discussion themselves, they wonder why no one represented their apparently fringe opinion. In this case, the pressure to conform has its effect and as a rule, they come to associate themselves with the supposed majority opinion that is publicized.

To top this off, this virtual reality will also be confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by a “famous” polling institute. They regularly inform us of how popular a certain politician should be or how the people would supposedly stand on an important issue. With this in mind, all of the public opinions polls published are only there to serve the creation of the desired public opinion.

Millions of people are constantly subjected to this deception and, as a result, inadvertently contribute to the perpetuation of the overall illusion. Questionable statements by politicians and the media lead to an effect that is called “pluralistic ignorance” among social psychologists. When people aren’t sure how to react to a situation, they tend to observe how others react. When the others are also in the same shock-induced paralysis and thus, also aren’t reacting, this reinforces the impulse not to react.

Even when a spark of truth happens to squeak through, it simply disappears in the overwhelming tsunami of information that is repeated over and over by the mass media.

In this way, the herd can be driven in any desired direction. Lies about the debt, al-Qaeda/ISIS, flu outbreaks, climate craziness and so forth are only a few of the bricks in the gigantic wall of lies that still surrounds the majority today. Given the circumstances, the whole of world history deserves to be given a closer look. The fastest way to get a good deal closer to the truth is by simply considering the exact opposite of everything you hear from the opinion makers. Of course, it’s even better to research the questions that interest you for yourself. In doing so, you will experience an interesting journey of discovery if you take Georg Christoph Lichtenberg’s motto to heart: “The things that everyone takes for granted are the ones that deserve to be investigated the most.”

Dictatorship with Free Elections

Top politicians aren’t stupid. That might sound surprising to many, but they are actually quite cunning and worth every penny that they earn – unfortunately, not from the perspective of We the People. Of course, we can’t assume that everyone filling up representative positions are acting with malice aforethought when they sign off on every treasonous bill laid before them. However, the top politicians know exactly what game they’re playing and who they are there to serve. The people can't afford to underestimate their opponents in the legislature at all. These enemies of the state represent the interests of the money manufacturers and lenders, something that is easily recognized when it comes to who gets and who doesn’t get the taxpayer financed bailouts worth hundreds of billions. Regardless, most people aren't even aware that this is happening.

This is because of the decisive role played by the mass media. At present, the internet still remains the exception. Needless to say, it won’t be any surprise when flimsy arguments are introduced and used to enact general censorship of the internet. Any politicians who might have the courage to oppose this will at least be shamed as advocates of child pornography if they don’t already have any convenient skeletons in their closet. In this way, the politicians will be digging their own graves by introducing general internet censorship, because afterward, they will be completely dependent on the will of opinion makers.

All politicians rely on the generosity of the mass media to get access to their office and the privileges that come along with it. They need “public opinion” on their side and concentrate all their energies toward this. However, there is no “public,” rather only a “published” opinion that is created by the owners of the mass media. This gives them the power to put whoever they want into whichever position they want, to control them while they’re there and to remove them again as necessary.

Consequently, it’s completely irrelevant who is serving as the marionette in any given office. All politicians must obey, but this isn’t hard for them, because if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t have gotten so far in the first place. Over the course of a politician’s entire career, the principle of negative selection is the dominant force. This means that in order to reach the most lucrative posts, a politician primarily needs traits such as: the ability to act, a lack of character, cunning, greed and a desire for personal recognition. You can’t expect anything from machine politicians. They are neither trained, nor able, nor motivated to do anything else than represent the interests of their backers – be it consciously or out of ignorance.

New ideals have zero chance. Many new parties dream of everything they will be able to achieve if they could only attract “public” interest to themselves. What they don’t realize is that published opinion is an instrument of power! Alas, you can’t take control of these awesome tools of power that quickly. For this reason, it doesn’t even make any sense to get involved with these new parties that are all wondering why they don’t get any attention at all. The system maintains itself. If you want to get involved, the first thing you have to do is conform to the system. Then you might receive flattering media coverage, and then and only then, you might possibly be given a chance to play in the government game. This is also the reason that every government always carries out the same basic agenda:

  • Divide and conquer: First and foremost, the parties are tasked with keeping the interest slaves divided into sub-groups and playing them off against one another: men against women, young against old, low-wage interest slaves against better-earning interest slaves, natives against immigrants, Christians against Moslems, smokers against non-smokers, left against the right, fat against thin, homo against hetero, dogs against cats and so on and so forth. Should one group have to deal with more taxes and responsibilities? Should the other group get more financial subsidies and rights or vice versa? Every day they feature a new object of scorn so that all the employers, employees, self-employed, unemployed, welfare recipients and retired people as well as all the various minorities simply don't notice that they all belong to the ranks of the interest slaves. The political machine does this so that the feudal lords and their money system stay out of focus.
  • Bread and circuses: State subsidies are the bread of the modern empire. In the meantime, the circuses have also been perfected. Lowbrow entertainment to dumb-down the people, embarrassing casting shows, subtle messages in movies for conditioning and manipulative music on the radio to sedate the people all act like psychological weapons of mass destruction. Even critical thinkers find it difficult to find the time they need to process any information requiring careful consideration. Instead, they are led astray by misinformation in the official school of thought, in books and documentaries and are distracted by useless and distorted news on the TV, radio and in the press.

After all, the people must be divided, complacent, ignorant, indifferent and kept in a good mood. Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) appropriately said: “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Although people get a lot of information for free, the majority of it is there for a reason. Someone always finances it and profits from it. Of course, this is usually done by the ones who have the necessary money or can just manufacture it themselves. They steer the media and politics and, in the process, continue to dumb-down the people. If this continues, the day will come when no one will recognize the root of all evil anymore: the creation of fiat money by private banks at interest and the resulting plutocracy that supersedes all states.

In Germany, the model for the separation of powers doesn't even function within the three branches of government for which it was conceived: The executive and judiciary are dictated by the legislative branch. Additionally, the Federal Criminal Police Office has taken on powers from all three branches and in doing so, has removed itself from all oversight. Shocking precedents for this in German history are the Gestapo and the Stasi.

Nevertheless, independent from and existing above these three powers are two that are significantly stronger – money creation and the media.

Most people hardly ever notice that after every election, the same politicians are still sitting in Parliament for the most part. On the whole, this group of people can be considered as a single party that is merely divided into differing wings. The various, so-called parties are actually only sub-parties. As in East Germany previously, “The Party” always receives over 95% of the vote today.

In the meantime, the mass media has such good control over the voting populace that election fraud isn’t even necessary. The dictatorships of the past manipulated the elections, modern dictatorships manipulate the voters. The latter method is not only less obvious and more efficient, it also ensures that suspicion of election fraud never arises. Any movements critical to the regime fizzle out before they even get started.

Elections only serve to keep up the appearances of democracy. What's more, anyone who doesn’t want to vote in Germany automatically has their vote stolen by “The Party,” aka the CDU/CSU/SPD/FDP/Grüne/Linke via the apportionment procedure. Once a representative has won their seat, there is hardly anything that can happen to them anymore – as long as they don’t act against the real rulers, but this goes without saying. As one of thousands of representatives on the federal, state and local levels, they only have to give their nod to any proposed legislation and they are set for life, without ever having to take any personal responsibility for their official actions whatsoever.

Although, these parliamentary parasites have one problem, their oath of office:

I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the well-being of the German people, promote their welfare, protect them from harm, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the Laws of the Federation, perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all.”

When the time comes, they will have to answer for their acts of perjury.

Conclusion: Tax Boycott

According to article 20 of the German constitution, which is essentially very similar to many other Western constitutions, government authority is derived from the people and not from superordinate powers. If this constitutional order was actually enforced and not always ignored by the politicians, then a tax boycott would be completely unnecessary. A call for a tax boycott under the right to resist set forth in paragraph 4 of article 20 is only necessary when politicians deviate from the letter of the law. However, when the state itself no longer acts according to its own laws, the possibility of engaging in this type of resistance is also diminished.

This is the dilemma: A call for a tax boycott is possible in a state acting according to the rule of law, but isn’t necessary and is necessary in a state acting contrary to the law, but isn’t possible. Therefore, this situation requires a certain amount of caution when making a call to action like this. Whereas Chinese dissidents land in jail for making statements critical of their government and are awarded a Nobel Prize, German dissidents only land in jail and nobody hears about them.

Even the highest representatives of the western “democracies” must indebt themselves to the private financial system. Thus, they are dependent on them. A true constitutional state can only exist when the state and its representatives are not dependent on banks, corporations and the media. Therefore, this means only after a financial and taxation system is introduced that serves the people and not a superordinate money power. If this were the case, all established politicians could not, would not be able to, nor would they want to, and they simply wouldn’t act in the interest of a private financial system. If they did, they would be sawing through the branch they are all sitting on themselves.

Democracy under a capitalistic system is an illusion. Capitalism means – like the name already reveals – “the rule of capital” and not “the rule of the people!” After the end of the monarchies around the world, a government of the people wasn’t established, but instead a plutocracy – hegemony by capital. Authority is not derived from the people, rather from money. The popular saying hits the nail on the head: “Money makes the world go ‘round,” but since money isn’t a public, non-profit institution, but rather a private system run by a handful of international money masters, that is where the nexus of power lies.

The countries of the world in their present form are merely the armed forces of the money masters and they use coercion and force to make the peoples of the world accept certain, privileged, private currencies as “legal tender.” Since these instruments only come into circulation through lending, there will always be more that must be paid back than even exists due to interest and compound interest. Over generations, the peoples of the world will be indebted and enslaved and will have to work until the end of time for taxes and interest.

The economic theorist, Gottfried Feder (1883 - 1941), composed a critique of interest that was attacked in 1933 by capitalists, communists and the national socialists. By 1919, he had already determined in his book, “Manifesto on Breaking the Shackles of Interest”: “Breaking the shackles of interest would give us the opportunity to initiate the cancellation of all direct and indirect taxes. Hear this, all of the people creating the prosperity of all countries, all states and continents: All state revenues, flowing in from both direct and indirect sources, all flow into the pockets of the large capital lending interests. The proceeds of the active state enterprises, i.e. post, telegraph, telephone, railroad, mining, forestry, etc. are more than enough to pay for all the necessary state expenditures for school and university, the justice administration, government administration and social security.” Today, Germany would also have immense incomes from state enterprises, if we hadn’t “privatized” this national wealth. This means: If we hadn’t presented these to the money masters as a gift.

The permanent growth of debts has been incorporated as a fixed feature of our financial system. The “national debt” and the interest resulting from this is an instrument for dispossessing the people. This financial system of endlessly increasing debts and taxes is assumed to have “no alternative” by the system politicians. However, they uphold this assumption exclusively for their own benefit and not in the interests of the general population. In doing so, the representatives drive the state deeper and deeper into debt and finally, into an inevitable phase of fascism.

In Germany, since the founding of the Federal Republic, the taxpayers have paid a total of approximately two trillion euros in interest on state debts, because the state must take out credit to issue and maintain the currency in circulation. Without this unnecessary fee for the use of a private, superordinate monetary system, our country would be debt-free today. In the meantime, every fifth euro paid in tax is paid as a fee on this money and is called interest. The politicians put a limit on all state spending, but not on interest. Furthermore, they always say that because of these costs, there isn't any room for other expenditures. There certainly would be if the state, under competent leadership, would claim the authority to print money themselves instead of taking its place subordinate to international finance capital.

Already practiced in the time of the Fuggers, (the German money-lending dynasty from the early 16th century), when Kings and Emperors had to borrow money from them, the state today has to indebt itself to the operators of the financial system. These are the money masters and their political actors installed by the media and they subordinate the state. This, however, is contrary to article 20, paragraph 2 of the German constitution, according to which, the authority of the state is not derived from international bankers, but instead from the people. The people do not have to subordinate themselves to any higher authority. If Germany would have adhered to its constitution, the state would have never fallen into the debt trap in the first place. Frankly, according to this logic, we could declare the entire “national debt” as unconstitutional and void, if we only wanted to do this.

Redressing this grievance will hardly be possible without an extra-governmental catalyst, because after all, the established system of power will not want to simply eliminate itself. On the contrary, the beneficiaries of this system, who certainly can't be considered as altruists, would be much more likely to defend their privileges. If you want to drain a swamp, you can’t ask a frog for advice – and it also doesn’t help when you become a frog yourself.

A possible, peaceful solution would be a tax boycott, the purpose of which not being to weaken a state under the rule of law or cause chaos, but rather to eliminate a puppet state to make way for a real constitutional state that works in the interest of the people. To create a republic that doesn’t serve the interests of a superordinate financial power, but serves the interests of the people instead. A tax boycott could free the state from the clutches of the money masters, because when a slave state is bankrupt, the owners are left empty-handed and the slaves are free!

If the productive, working people organize themselves outside of the existing system, then they could once again harvest the fruits of their labor themselves and compared to today, they would only have to spend a fraction of their valuable time working. The only ones who would come out on the short end of the stick would be the present ruling powers, who would then have to do something they've never had to: real, productive work.

Someone who wants to escape the state imposed interest and tax slavery might try to emigrate – if they can still find a country where the situation is better and would like to live there permanently. Unfortunately, many good people have already left and found out that it’s no different in other countries. Now, as a foreigner, they don’t even have any legitimate right to resist the system. You won’t find any freedom by emigrating. This fight will have to be fought at home.

Today, you can find more and more information about the grievances described here. However, hardly anyone goes one step further and proposes any possible solutions. What follows is the way to close this gap.

Support by Our Fellow Citizens in Public Service

It would be best if a tax boycott wasn’t even necessary, for example, if all our public officials would fulfill their duties faithfully and wouldn’t just look on, doing nothing, as the politicians continue their criminal activities. For example, all public officials in Germany – especially the police, prosecuting authorities and judges – have the right and the duty to immediately arrest the politicians involved in, e.g., the illegal acquisition of stolen bank details or in the unlawful financial bailouts of banks and other countries, even without infringing on these representatives’ parliamentary immunity.

According to the German constitution, the members of the German Parliament enjoy immunity, which protects them from criminal prosecution. The police may only investigate in the case of a suspected criminal act and arrest a representative if the Parliament agrees and lifts this immunity, that is, unless they make the arrest immediately or on the day after the crime was committed.

The arrest of the politicians involved would have been not only possible, for example, in the case of the acquisition of the Hehlerdaten-CD (German Criminal Code (StGB) §§ 129, 259 and 260) or after the vote to bail out Greece (multiple violations of EU law and the constitution), but it was in fact the highest duty of all public officials. The hope remains that when the politicians commit their next crime, our public servants won’t just look away again and instead, they will act without hesitation.

Regardless, our public servants, like all other citizens according to article 20, paragraph 4 of the constitution, still have the right to proceed against politicians that trespass on our constitutional order. As public servants, one should see oneself as having the duty to simply arrest the politicians when necessary. These measures may sound extraordinary, but the law is the law. The people shouldn’t just consider the unlawful transfer of German tax revenues to banks and foreign governments and the elimination of the constitutional order along with the many other crimes committed by the politicians against the people as illegal, they should also see this as treason.

When upstanding citizens exercise their constitutional right to resist, for example, by stopping their tax payments to this unjust regime, then every public servant should think long and hard if they really want to take money or property away from these defenders of the constitution. Be it through coercion or naked force, they are not providing a service to the people, but simply enabling the politicians and their schemes. All public servants that aid politicians in these crimes and treasonous behavior are also de facto traitors to the constitution that they are sworn to protect. The Nuremberg Trials may not be the last trials of their kind. Everyone should get on the right side before it’s too late, on the side of law and justice, reason and conscience.

Whoever doesn’t fulfill their duty as a public servant, before it’s too late, need not be surprised when it IS too late and they get the order to open fire on their own people. This slippery slope was already greased with the Lisbon Treaty. However, as long as we don’t get any support from our public servants, the people can defend themselves as necessary by other means.

Active Tax Boycott via Legal Action and Refusal of Payments

Like many others, Germany’s tax system is so complicated and has so many loopholes and mistakes that filing an exact tax return and being taxed according to the law is completely impossible. There is a reason that all of the tax assessment notices in Germany are only issued with a notice of provisional status. They lack a signature from a public servant that is personally liable and on the other hand, all forms of state liability are excluded according to section 839 of the German Civil Code (BGB). In this way, the Federal Republic of Germany shifts the responsibility onto local, low-ranking officials. These officials, in turn, evade their obligation to making themselves personally liable for possible damages by withholding their signatures. For these reasons alone, you could already refuse all tax returns and payments in a constitutional state.

In Germany, as in many other countries, politicians use some of our tax money to finance criminal acts. For example, tax money was used to acquire stolen bank details, which, according to the penal code, qualifies as the criminal offence of receiving stolen property. As such, whoever pays their taxes is, therefore, also guilty as an accessory to the crime. Whoever collects taxes and coerces honest citizens into becoming accessories to such crimes is, therefore, also liable to prosecution – or at least in a constitutional state would be in theory.

You could also object to all tax payments on the grounds of conscience, because in addition to other uses, this money helps carry out an unconstitutional war of aggression in Afghanistan, in which many innocent people have been killed. The tax payers pay for the weapons and ammunition used to do this. They are forced into a situation where they become accessory to murder. In actuality, the freedom of conscience anchored in the constitution stands over and above the tax law. However, if you use this argument, you will be mercilessly prosecuted by the German courts.

It is also hotly debated if the German government even has the right to rule over the people living here at all, because this political entity hasn’t yet voted on a common constitution since the so-called reunification of the two Germanys. In the case that the constitution from 1949 should be valid for the combined territories of the countries formerly known as West and East Germany, then, according to article 20 paragraph 4, there is a right to resistance if the constitutional order is infringed. This is undoubtedly happening at present.

Under such conditions, the payment of taxes – from a purely legal perspective – can frankly, only be seen as being voluntary. Naturally, none of this means anything to the ones collecting for the protection racket and anyone who defies them is quickly punished.

Bertolt Brecht is credited with saying: “Where injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes our duty!”

Theoretically, based on this state of affairs, we have long had the right and the duty to resist, for example, by refusing to pay all taxes. The tax payers, especially the companies that continuously pay their income tax, value added tax and petroleum tax to the representatives of the system, could, beginning on a certain day, collectively cease to pay any more taxes and, in doing so, could temporarily shut off the better part of the government’s cash flow.

In practice, however, anyone who refuses to pay their taxes would be risking their material existence in the process – at least as long as the so-called “public servants” serve the banks and politicians instead of the public. Mass participation would also be extremely difficult to realize, as long as the controlled masses are still listening to their televisions instead of thinking for themselves. For one, the mainstream media would be completely silent about any attempts at this and would keep it out of all public (i.e. published) discussion. If this strategy happened to fail, the opinion makers would quickly incite public (i.e. published) opinion against the “tax terrorists” to prevent broad participation in an active tax boycott.

The Federal Republic of Germany, like most other so-called Western democracies, is not a constitutional state! It is not squeamish when it comes to collecting their protection money with force if necessary. Woe to those that are impertinent enough to appeal to the rule of law! The remote-controlled government has executive and judicial powers at their disposal. It has a monopoly on violence and will also use it as a last resort. When the executive branch finally moves with armed force to collect taxes, then it doesn't help you to hide behind the constitution. This is because the judicial system, also controlled by the government, will never admit that it is not independent. It will also never admit that the constitutional order either never existed in the first place or was eliminated. Lastly, it will never admit that the state’s authority is not derived from the people, but instead from money.

Since an active tax boycott would be very dangerous for all fellow resisters based on the existing power structures, one arrives at the question: Which methods of passive resistance can one use to carry out a tax boycott?

Passive Tax Boycott and Boycotting the System

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.”

As a rule, the productive portion of the population works for the banks’ fiat money. In doing so, their efforts primarily provide for the unproductive portion, i.e. the feudal lords, banksters, insurance companies, politicians, lawyers, retirees and all other money transfer recipients. A plumber who is true to the system, for example, must work a whole day in order to be able to pay for an hour of labor done by, let’s say his friend, a painter, also working above board. Had the two of them acted outside of the system and traded their work directly with one another, without taking the bank money detour, both of them would have earned the same benefit from the hour they worked and could have taken the rest of the day off.

The most effective form of passive resistance would be if all people who work productively would join networks in which they traded real services from private individual to private individual (not commercially!) and used alternative forms of money instead of bank money, which is after all created from nothing. The members of such networks could take care of themselves and each other so well that the amount of work they had to do would only be a fraction of what they have to do today. People who are independent of the government and the debt-based money of the banking system, those who don’t use euros, dollars and yen, etc., for the exchange of goods and services and instead practice self-reliance, barter trade and use alternative currencies, they do not have any taxable income and neither do they need it.

Without initiating any confrontation with the existing power elites, self-sufficient communities can leave the system and leave it behind them like an empty shell. Bankers, money masters, conglomerate owners, media moguls and politicians can go on doing their thing inside the system, lying, defrauding, poisoning and enslaving each other. With no one working for them anymore, they will only have their worthless paper to eat or they could also leave the system themselves and join the honest people by doing honest work – insofar as they can even make themselves useful by doing any useful work.

According to the constitution, we have the right to resist – according to natural law, this is our duty as well. There is a Native American proverb: “If someone recognizes a problem and isn’t a part of the solution, then they themselves are a part of the problem.” Everyone who supports the ruling money regime by not putting up resistance and cooperates like a little cog in the machine, they are acting against their natural duty and, at the very least, will have to answer to their own conscience. Today there are already people leading the resistance on the front lines. If you refuse to support them today, you will probably only have yourself to blame in the new social order. The future course of history will have to deal with these questions as they were also dealt with in the past.

10 Methods of Passive Resistance

1.) Self-sufficiency, barter trade and alternative currencies

Whoever creates material assets for themselves doesn't have to pay any taxes on them. Whoever trades privately with others doesn’t have to either. Frankly, the only thing we need money for is to facilitate trade and the specialized-labor economy. Theoretically, you could use anything as money to avoid participation in the system. Unfortunately, the state forces the people – as the banks’ muscle – to use bank money as the exclusive means of exchange by declaring it to be legal tender. The price for the use of this means of exchange is the exponentially increasing burden of interest, which is the tribute we pay to the money mafia for providing the money in circulation.

The “Miracle of Wörgl” in Austria was one attempt to keep the economy moving without bank money during the Great Depression. Since the local currency issued there was such a success for over a year, it was soon forbidden by the Austrian National Bank and the corresponding Austrian state apparatus. Exchanges without bank money on a commercial level are prohibited by the banks’ armed forces – state governments. So, for example, if a gardener landscapes the garden of a car mechanic and gets their car fixed in return, then, in theory, they are both liable to criminal prosecution for tax evasion. However, trade is legal between private individuals. Every private barter trade weakens the system.

2.) Ending employment dependencies

Employer AND employee provide their compulsory labor for the money masters through interest, taxes and all other fees. The idea to divide this group of productive workers came from Karl Marx, a member of the money masters who, along with the labor unions, never criticized charging interest. Workers and employers unite! Employment contracts are detrimental to both parties. It is more efficient when you work together as self-employed entrepreneurs or even better as private individuals. This saves you the social security and direct tax deductions at the source. Under these conditions, everyone can actively boycott taxes as far as they are willing to resist as an business owner or use barter trade as a private individual.

3.) Only use bank money when it is absolutely necessary

Based on your occupation and the amount of real estate and production capital you possess, steps 1 and 2 can cause a considerable reduction in your need for bank money. In Germany, the rest of one’s money needs, based on your individual abilities, can be met under the tax-free cap in only a few days of official work a month. Whoever can’t make use of this method can fall back on state benefits and continue to hollow out the system in this way.

4.) Run on the bank and money boycott

If everyone only withdrew every hundredth euro from their bank account, the power of the banks would collapse like a house of cards. Up to this point, the politicians and journalists have been able to avoid this through unparalleled propaganda. While the banks don’t want to lend any more money due to the risk of defaults, they have managed to convince the people to continue to keep their money in their bank accounts. Through the people unwittingly providing this credit to the banks, they are supporting the system that enslaves them. The minimum reserve requirement of only one percent means that when you take 1,000 euros out of your bank account, you are taking 100,000 euros of available funds away from the banks. This is where almost everyone can make a big difference.

Many people who are mistakenly saving money think of the interest on their savings as income. However, these rates are usually always below the actual rate of inflation and on top of that, taxes are also levied on this income. Regardless, having money in a bank account is not a good idea anyway. It can be seized from a bank account and the banks and politicians can also help themselves to it. In the case of a run of bankruptcies in the banking sector, you will be reimbursed the nominal amount, because it is guaranteed by the deposit protection fund and the state. Still, neither of these can even come up with close to this amount of real money. They merely guarantee deposits with inflation money that will only have a fraction of its purchasing power afterwards. The same goes for life insurance policies, state subsidized pension funds (Riester-Rente, Rürup-Rente in Germany), pension funds in general and all other state subsidized or mandatory insurance contributions. For the most part, these types of instruments can also be confiscated or saddled with back taxes or special fees, they can’t be passed on to an heir and they lose their value through inflation.

Also, everything that can be traded in the markets, like the financial instruments mentioned above, can lose its value very quickly. All stock market prices are manipulated by the big market players. They drive the price wherever they want it to go, up or down, and they always have a jump on the action in the market. The big boys’ profits and bonuses are the losses of the small investors they call capital donors. The only ones who don’t have to worry about these kinds of swindlers anymore are the ones who have traded in their stocks, insurance policies, bonds, paper money and everything else for things that have lasting material value and can be used in private barter trade. Even the purchasing power of paper money is manipulated. A central bank can devalue a currency anytime they want. In doing so, they don’t even need to get the go ahead from the so-called representatives of the people. Only real goods and services can’t be manipulated as long as we don’t measure their worth in arbitrarily valued and, for all intents and purposes, worthless bank money. Some material goods – e.g. precious metals – are perfectly suited as alternative currencies. Market-economic mechanics will automatically ensure that these currencies will establish themselves as the most attractive means of exchange.

5.) Boycott of the “system-relevant” banks and insurance companies

All “system-relevant” banks and insurance companies are the property of a class of people that haven’t been working for generations already. Despite everything, you may probably need a bank account or insurance for the time being, but please don’t keep one with one of the big corporations. If need be, you should deal with credit unions, local savings banks and small insurance companies. Of course, you should also avoid taking out loans in general.

In principle, insurance companies are nothing other than a conglomeration of lawyers, statisticians and salesmen whose exclusive task is to maximize profit for their corporation. They create and sell contracts that, for the most part, only pump premiums out of their victims while settlements are largely disqualified. The insurance mafia simply writes the laws themselves via their contacts in politics, the ones who should actually be regulating them. Most insurances are just state-approved fraud and, as such, should be avoided as far as possible.

6.) Boycott of the corporations through regionalism

Most multinational corporations are the property of the puppet masters behind the scenes and draw their power and profit from exploitation, child labor, war, environmental destruction and corruption. Whoever doesn’t want to be a supporter of this should avoid their products, even if they aren't as cheap and attractive.

Farmers’ markets and regional producers provide an alternative. You can decide for yourself on location if the producer upholds your moral standards. These alternatives breathe life into the regional (barter) economy and are also healthier. Furthermore, whoever can do without the hormone-filled, processed mystery meat from the supermarkets and the fast-food animal abusers isn’t only doing something good for themselves, but are also doing a huge favor to the animals and the environment.

7.) Boycott of state prescribed drugs

Every citizen has the state-guaranteed freedom to take as many drugs as necessary to satisfy their own addictions. The state even subsidizes drug production, in addition to its advertising and distribution, but only insofar as this involves the legal drugs alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. Only these drugs provide a benefit to corporate profits and tax revenues. Through the state-controlled drug trade, the state itself channels their own citizenry into consuming taxable, monopolized drugs and eliminates the competition from less dangerous, cheaper or even tax-free alternatives like cannabis for example. Thus, whoever is too weak to live without drugs only has the choice between state prescribed drugs or illegal drugs. Whereas, whoever has the strength and the self-discipline to resist peer pressure and wants to see the world clearly, they can of course refuse to partake in all drugs, maintain their health and clearly recognize the issues that remain hidden to others.

8.) Boycott of pharmaceutical companies through alternative medicine

You don’t have to be a physician to recognize this one truth: From an economic perspective, all products manufactured by pharmaceutical companies cannot be allowed to heal people. They must create dependencies and trigger new diseases. It is only in this way that they can be profitable. The influence of the pharmaceutical mafia on politics and medical education is immense. Whoever is still fit to survive even half-way without these medications should do everything in their power to resist entering the slow, death-spiral of dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. The need for cures can be reduced significantly by practicing points 6 and 7. For everything else, alternative medicine usually provides a greater benefit.

9.) Boycott of the system’s media

To own a media conglomerate, you need enormous amounts of capital. Freedom of the press today is the money masters’ freedom to spread their world view and steer the peoples of the world. Through hierarchical structures, they have top-down control over what and how issues will be reported on TV, radio and the press. The answer to this is: Turn everything off, unsubscribe, save money in the process and only inform yourself through independent media.

In the mainstream media today, there are hardly any cultural offerings at all. Instead, you are basically served up the worst of the worst from the “entertainment industry” to consume. Where once there was culture, today we have the systematic dumbing-down of the people, cultural destruction and seduction. After all, complacent consumers make better consumers and disinformed workers make better slaves. The purpose of the entertainment industry is to condition us for materialism, consumption and uncritical thinking through its films, music and shows.

The brainwashing by the system’s media is so pervasive and so effective that you can only recognize it after you have completely shut it off for a few weeks. Sensitive people should prepare themselves in advance to take this step mentally, because life outside of the matrix is completely different. You can find independent information and real culture on the internet (not on the corporate websites) and at local events.

10.) Election boycott

All politicians must subordinate themselves to the higher power structures where they beg for the resources they need to reach the top. This primarily consists of internalizing manufactured talking points in return for financial support. The political actors that make it to the top are nothing other than marionettes. They merely nod in approval of the laws that the lobbyists place in their hands. Most of them are so stupid and autocratic that they don’t even notice how they are being exploited. On the other hand, some are so greedy and cunning, that even though they can see through this little game, they wouldn't dare crossing their benefactors. Within the party system, regardless of whether they’re stupid or cunning, they only reach the top by obeying the rules of the game written by the power of finance and the media. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to get involved with politicians and elections in the first place. You shouldn’t only boycott elections, you should boycott the whole circus surrounding them. If you ignore it all, you can save your strength and don’t always have to get upset when things just keep getting worse, regardless of what party’s in power. In this way, you withdraw your energy from the system.

Using these 10 steps that everyone can take in full or at least in part, we can effectively and non-violently dismantle the system and make room for a better one.

Forecast: Renaissance 2.0

Thanks to the internet, which is still free for the moment, information is spreading that is causing the system to falter. A tax and system boycott, based on networks that are independent of banks, corporations, media and politicians, can function without causing a confrontation with these powerful elites. Every individual can begin immediately. The money manufacturers and their minions can’t run their system without the people and they will hardly get any goods and services for their fancy paper and electronic money. The state is composed of the people.

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” (George Orwell)

European civilization and its legacies around the world can credit the Renaissance for waking it up from the dark Middle Ages. Once again, it now finds itself under a new smokescreen that has been created by banks, corporations, the media and politicians. This system serves a modern existence full of materialism, lies, lust for power, slavery, consumption, environmental destruction, an obsession for exponential growth, disease, war and crime.

However, we are all living at the cusp of a new age of enlightenment, a new awakening to a life full of idealism, freedom, peace, wisdom, health, sustainability, love, friendship, culture and morality – all the things that we can't buy with money. – “The best things in life are free.


Finally, the question naturally arises: How can the people who have left the existing system create a new social order from scratch?

One could, for example, introduce democracy. However, a representative democracy under capitalist leadership isn’t the solution, rather the cause of the interdependencies described here. This form of government is just a special type of dictatorship and an especially dangerous one where the owners of financial and media power pull the strings from behind the scenes. The political actors' lack of any alternative has proven: In a sham democracy controlled by money, the financial system is above the law. This is a de facto plutocracy – rule by the richest, most powerful and greediest people that you could only ever imagine.

If a democracy is to function, then every concentration of power must be limited from the beginning. This could happen in a real republic that actually makes it the public’s business to keep the financial system and the media under public control. In place of a capitalist democracy, in which capital controls the popularity of politicians, there could be a qualified democracy, in which the appropriate procedures ensure that only the most responsible, far-sighted and most qualified people could stand for election. Such representatives of the people would then have the duty and would also be in a position to protect the freedom of all people. Every power would be limited, above all, the power of finance and the media.

The new administration must consist of a limited number of people, who are competent, wise, hardworking, independent and have an idealistic character. Above all, they must be ready to take full personal responsibility for everything they do or don’t do. It goes without saying that our current, career politicians are hardly suited for this due to their lack of character and competence and wouldn’t even come into question. Such people wouldn't have anything to contribute anymore. Still, they wouldn’t want to do it anyway, because a further prerequisite would be: Everyone involved would be required to live a Spartan lifestyle and wouldn't receive anything more than room and board for themselves and their families.

Complete personal responsibility, no privileges and no possibility of enrichment? Who would be ready to take on a task like this? The answer is simple: Only the very best!

There can only be a real republic when the monetary system is completely subservient to the public welfare. Silvio Gesell already wrote back in 1920, “I demand, - and I have done it tirelessly for 30 years – that the central bank of Germany (Reichsbank) be elevated to the status of a purely national institution. Absolute disengagement from the stock market, the strictest separation from all enticing, private sector interests, - it should be a note-issuing institution, nothing else! The issuance of bank notes should take place according to strictly drawn guidelines that exclude all forms of arbitrariness, stifle every instance market profiteering before it starts and make crises, crashes and money shortages impossible. This should make the direction of the note-issuing bank so accessible to public oversight that the simplicity of its policies is transparent to everyone.”

First, the people would need a charter and they can even issue this themselves according to German law through a self-organized, public referendum. According to article 146 of the German constitution: “This Basic Law [...] shall cease to apply on the day on which a constitution freely adopted by the German people takes effect. The present rulers and their marionettes in the propaganda outlets and government offices won’t be needed for this. It goes without saying that they will be excluded from this organization.

Since the present rulers, with their remote-controlled media and politicians, would never take part in anything like this anyway, what lies in the interest of the people should now be obvious to everyone. So, you will be waiting in vain if you are waiting for the formation of a new constitution to be proclaimed by their so-called “public.” Therefore, this is where the medium of the Internet comes into play. The Internet offers the possibility of making a draft constitution available to the public, allowing it to be created similarly to an open source project. Afterwards, this could also could also be voted on via the Internet.

The ruler’s opposition will probably follow the usual pattern: First, their media will completely keep the project out of any published discussion. At a certain point, this will no longer be possible, so next, they will ridicule it and then finally vilify it as extremism from the left or the right. As Mahatma Gandhi already said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Even the so-called “Office for the Protection of the Constitution” will feel the need to deal with the initiators, even though such ambitions are expressly allowed and even absolutely necessary according to articles 5, 20 and 146 of the constitution. The public servants who are tasked with the war on freedom and the surveillance of the system’s slaves should be proceeding against the true enemies of the constitution. These people can be found in the money factories, propaganda outlets and parliaments. Instead, they seem to target the ones who take their constitutional rights and duties seriously. Whoever works as an agent of the state as a little cog in the machine and – as we’ve often seen throughout history – “only following orders from above,” is violating their own constitution in the process. Furthermore, they are also contributing to their and their own family’s continued slavery, not to mention the destruction of our planet through this exponential growth-mania.

Naturally, a socio-economic system that serves the people will be anchored in a new constitution and not one that plunders the population for the benefit of a small, privileged group. The fundamentals for an equitable system were already worked out by Silvio Gesell over a hundred years ago and since then, plans have been further refined through many newly proposed solutions. Unfortunately, these have been systematically ignored by economists towing the party line. There are already social models that have been developed without incorporating usury and manic growth. These make pointless jobs unnecessary. Instead of this, they provide the possibility for an unconditional basic income and the complete elimination of taxes. Plan B by the Wissensmanufaktur can serve as an effective plan for economic reorganization.

Freedom is a question of the right monetary system, one that neither facilitates nor prevents a concentration of power. An interest-free monetary system that serves the general public is the prerequisite for our society achieving its next developmental stage. An age of humanism could follow this age of capitalism. However, this important step in our evolution needs a trigger that can only be found outside the existing system. Now that you are equipped with appropriate methods for initiating this, feel free to share them with everyone you know who is also ready to become a part of the solution.

Sincerely, Rico Albrecht, October 2011 (updated in September 2012)

Recommended Reading

Ludwig von Mises: The Theory of Money & Credit

Silvio Gesell: The Natural Economic Order

Gottfried Feder: Manifesto for Breaking the Financial Slavery to Interest

Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy: Interest and Inflation Free Money

Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy: People Money: The Promise of Regional Currencies

Prof. Bernd Senf: Der Nebel um das Geld

Prof. Bernd Senf: Tiefere Ursachen der Weltfinanzkrise

Günter Hannich: Börsenkrach und Weltwirtschaftskrise: Der Weg in den Dritten Weltkrieg

Günter Hannich: Staatsbankrott - Wann kommt die nächste Währungsreform?

Helmut Creutz: Das Geld-Syndrom

Stephen Zarlenga: The Lost Science of Money: The Mythology of Money – the Story of Power

G. Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island – A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Andreas Popp: Der Währungs-Countdown

Andreas Popp: Das Matrix Syndrom

Andreas Popp: Brot und Spiele

F. W. Engdahl: Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

Gustave Le Bon: Psychology of Crowds

Elias Erdmann: Methoden der Manipulation


This Video Shows Why The Saudis Sponsored 20% of Clinton's Campaign

Hillary's right-hand woman has been somewhat of a dark horse in the public perception of voters. Having been thrown into the spotlight due to the FBI investigation of Clinton's Wiki-leaked emails and the rumored NSFW escapades including the apparent attempted seduction of a minor, the focus is centering on her, which is making more people interested in her role as the Secretary's nearest ally. Anonymous, or at least another Anonymous went and did the math, so to speak. His research is accurate and reveals enough to make one beg for further questioning.

This thesis would be a textbook example of a strategy for defeating a much larger, militarily overwhelming foe by stealth over time. The destabilization of Syria and Libya ties into this plan as well, providing a weak neighbor for the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces to exploit at their will, with the US taxpayers sponsoring a very expensive campaign using aircraft and mercenaries that identify themselves with a full spectrum of terrorist groups. The destabilization of Afghanistan, Irak, Libya and Syria has led to further destabilization in the European Union. Greece and Italy are deeply challenged by the hords of 'refugees' flocking to their borders seeking asylum. France, Sweden and Germany have been flooded with foreigners willing to take the handouts of western governments but unwilling to show any respect for the culture or the folk that is paying for their welfare. This, being accepted by the politicians, as they impose more changes the majority would not willingly consent to would normally be high treason in a state, but since nearly all states in the world have been converted to registered businesses, it is merely another CEO pursuing a company agenda unpopular among the employees. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel was asked by Günther Jauch whether she would cease to support the European idea of common union if it were against the wishes of those governed, her immediate retort was "No!", "Under no circumstances." before relating that Germany needs a European Union with ideals like those in Germany, freedom of the press, personal freedom, democracy. This is the same woman that has recruited Google and Facebook to play a role as hate-speech police, contemplating sanctions if whatever brand of opinion is not removed within a certain amount of hours. First off, how is this 'hate-speech' to be defined? Today it might seem acceptable to block some messages, but once taken, this fork in the road will cause a lot of people to oppressed before the public realizes that free-speech, although it can be a downright nuisance to listen to sometimes, is valuable in a functioning society. How many resources are going to be necessary to filter and administrate the operation? Will the mission creep lead to STASI-like masses of company-hired private spies delivering 'intelligence' to the government? In a free country, no public discussion should be controlled by the controllers, even if that means we're going to be exposed to opinions we don't agree with. At the worst, you might turn livid with rage at the prospect of an adversary's world view, at the least, you might even say, "Well, i never looked at it from that point of view before.".
The easiest argument against accepting that your government is taking steps to limit public discourse when it runs contra to their narrative is to just remember, governments lie! If they profess to do anything for your security, it will surely reduce your liberty and fail to provide the promised securety. Quite the opposite, when the bar has been raised, before long, there will be another purported threat that enables them to "make a new offer" under the same auspices. See it for what it's become, a trade war between corporate governments and their citizenry hidden under the illusory mantle of government enabled by it's unquestioning minions and the acquiescent masses.


Patriot-Predicted Democrat Vote Machine Manipulation Reported in Early Voting

Who could have seen this coming? Trump expresses concerns about a rigged voting system only to be mocked by the incumbent US President asking "What is that?", as if vote fraud is something new, and making clear that the vote is decentralized, in order to dispell doubts that those selected for office are not elected by the will of the governed. The self-proclaimed 'fact checkers' reported dutifully that vote fraud is virtually non-existent, although there is plenty of documentation available that suggests otherwise or downright contradicts that claim. Within a week, as if someone in the loop had said "He's right!, the vote IS decentralized, now. We're going to have to change that.", it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security would 'help' keep the elections fair, which calls to mind Ronald Reagan's 9 words no American wants to hear. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Shortly afterward, as if we didn't have enough 'help' in the wings, the OSCE was introduced to the voting observer fray.
So this is what the organization is offering us during the 8 November election:
"Within the U.S. federal system, the responsibility for organizing elections rests with state and local governments. The Department of State will therefore assist ODIHR, the Needs Assessment Mission, and subsequent election observation mission in their efforts to contact elections officials throughout the United States in connection with its organization of elections observation."
Why should this be important? To ask the election centers on the phone if everything is going ahead according to plan? Or to organize ballots from a central perspective?

These international observers don't have a horse in the race...except the one that invited them after declaring vote fraud to be a non-thing and concerns over voter-disenfranchisement absurd. Who do you think that horse is carrying?

Clinton-enabler Snopes paints the picture with some "kill the messenger" accusations of unethical behavior on the part of Project Veritas reporter O'keefe's part while he was actually investigating leads in order to expose the racketeering and organized fraud perpetrated to aid the Clinton campaign.

What did the Trump people say? They all said be vigilant and document! Wow, we didn't need a government program opened up to catch voter fraud and vote fraud, did we? People going out and recording their experiences will provide proof of the widespread fraud emblematic of Hillary's campaign ethics so far.

Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas"She voted straight Republican and the vote had changed to Clinton!"
Paul Joseph Watson - October 25, 2016

Indiana Investigating Possible Voter Fraud After Thousands of Names Changed

TRUMP WAS RIGHT!! Massive Voter Fraud Plot Discovered…

Americans’ electoral fraud fears grow

NAACP calls for action after reported voting irregularities; Elections board says no problems found

Here's a good blog listing:
What really happened?


Russia takes vieled threat about nuclear war from US State Department seriously

As average Americans are concentrated on Kim Kardashian, Dancing with the Stars or whatever frivolous circus happens to be spotlighted by the corporate media, Russian citizens are gearing up to survive in case of a pre-emptive nuclear attack by NATO. Tensions were hightened between the US and Russia during the arranged cease-fire in Syria, which was broken by the US and UK bombing of Syrian state troops in a city long under siege by ISIS and rebel forces, which was overrun by ISIS minutes after the air attack subsided. US diplomacy attempted to sell it as a tragic mistake, but information has become available proving that the attack on Assad's army was intentional.

40 Million Russians to Take Part in ‘Emergency Evacuation’ DrillExercise takes place days after U.S. State Department warned of terror attacks in Russian citiesPaul Joseph Watson - October 3, 2016


Ever wondered how to stick it to the IRS?

The real problem with Trump's taxes isn't what you think

These Confessions from a former insider, Sherry Peel Jackson, provide an invaluable insight into keeping more money that you have earned with your time and labor, as well as highlighting why the willingness to "pay your fair share" is in no way patriotic.

This courageous and righteous black woman has been enlightening people for years how they can improve their financial standing and has inspired thousands to improve their way of living in order to improve their lives. She has been persecuted by the government that is illegally coercing it's citizens into paying into a system that has less to do with financing government services than subsidizing the richest families of the world, even making the ultimate civilian sacrifice of being sentenced to prison on a 4-year sentence, for a misdemeanor.

How to legally never pay income taxes in the US!

Check out Sherry's book:
How to stick it to the IRS!
How To Stick It To The IRS: Confessions from a former insider! Kindle or paperback Edition
by Sherry Peel Jackson (Author)


This interview puts the coming war into perspective.

For all those that have let themselves be convinced that war stimulates the economy,
this interview with Eustace Mullins, deemed the "most dangerous man alive" by J. Edgar Hoover because "he found out too much that people in power would prefer to remain hidden so they could continue their dirty work unhindered", underlines for whom war is most profitable and why.

"The author of such incendiary books as Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Murder by Injection, and The Curse of Canaan, Mullins was harrassed by the FBI for almost a half century, and had one of his books burned in Germany in the 1950s. These stories are recounted in one of his books, A Writ for Martyrs."

The video poster has written an excellent overview, so watching the video at the source is worth it.


Once again, the non-'Islamic Terrorist' had been on the radar of the authorities for years.

The pattern will no doubt continue to surprise the low-information US population as the mainstream US news trickles out details of the RT news report NYC bombing suspect's father told police son was a terrorist in 2014. The freedoms confiscated by the authorities in the aftermath of 9-11 under the pretence of increasing security have once again failed to actually prevent a violent terrorising crime from occuring although they were tipped off to a potential danger and undoubtedly had the means at hand to perform a constant data dragnet like they do on everyone according to Snowden's revelations on the NSA. Since the Explosives in New York and New Jersey were pressure cookers and pipe bombs linked to cellphones, get ready to have these things taken away to protect the public next. The FBI seemed genuinely incurious regarding several trips the suspect made to Pakistan (terror training camp?) or his passing interest in criminal justice (Studied at Middlesex Community College without graduating). Sounds like the makings of a perfectly good Project MKUltra manchurian candidate scapegoat. One, at the time, 'possible terrorist' bomb went off in a steel garbage container in Chelsea, not Clinton, Manhattan, coincidentally, however just three blocks away from Chelsea Clinton's apartment where Hillary was taken last week after her collapse(not in her footprint) while visiting the 9-11 memorial. Another reportedly connected Explosive device detonates near Elizabeth train station. In a time of ubiquitous CCTV camera coverage and unattended packages causing anxiety in public places, it seems doubtful that this device drew no attention when it was deposited there. Another device was found on the street by Two scavengers, who took second bomb out of suitcase in Chelsea.
The police state will surely come to protect everyone now, right? Will residents soon be hearing The Nine Most Terrifying Words(Video)?
Some are even saying GET OUT NOW: Martial law in New York - Tanks in the street!(Video)


Deutsche aufgefordert Vorräte anzulegen

Die Bundesregierung fordert die Bürger auf, einen Lebensmittelvorrat für zehn Tage anzulegen. Dies soll für den Krisen-Fall dienen, von dem man nicht weiß, ob es sich um den Ausbruch eines Krieges oder einen Finanz-Crash handelt. Die Bundesregierung sorgt sich auch um die eigene Sicherheit.

Weiterlesen Bundesregierung: Bürger sollen Lebensmittel und Bargeld bunkern