The 'soft' kill

Banned College Lecture 2016 U.S False Education Exposed - Jim Marrs


Weather manipulation officially a thing since 1977

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Secret Government Experiments on the American People

CDC pulls Tainted Polio Vaccine Report, denies any Victims - August 1, 2013

Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism - July 27, 2013

1 in 10 HPV Vaccine Recipients ends up in ER - June 1, 2016

HIV-Negative AIDS spreads to China - May 17, 2016

US nuclear plants that have leaked Tritium

Holistic Doctors Killed Because of Shocking Discovery in Vaccines

Quaker Oats sued over glyphosate found in its 'all natural' oats... the truth is starting to come out about widespread glyphosate contamination of the food supply

World’s Top Scientists Agree Monsanto Herbicide Causes Cancer In Humans

4 Steps to Reduce Brain Fog and Brain Inflammation

Top 7 diseases, disorders, and syndromes brought on and EXACERBATED by GMOs, antibiotics, and a slew of toxic vaccinations

Engineered Apathy via toxic air, water, food and 'medical treatments"

Government Forces Farmer To Dump 248 Gallons Of Raw Milk & 1200 Free Range Eggs Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/government-forces-farmer-to-dump-248-gallons-of-raw-milk-1200-free-range-eggs/

What's in Your Water? Flint and Beyond

Lead Contamination In Water Affects Over 18 Million People Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/lead-contamination-in-water-affects-over-18-million-people/

How Do We Stop Climate Engineering? There Is Only One Way Forward Wednesday, June 29, 2016 16:57

Revealed – US Senate Document Confirms National and Global Weather Modification (Geoengineering) Programs By Dane Wigington

Dangers of Microwaves on human health - Declaration of Dr. Barrie Trower December 21, 2011

Scientists agree, wifi exposure increases risk of miscarriage

Dr. Barrie Trower's Institute for Geopathology

EU to extend license for controversial herbicide glyphosate

Controversial Monsanto herbicide 'unlikely' to cause cancer according to UN study.
11 common health symptoms hint at global depopulation 'slow kill'

Video: Former FBI Chief Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped Posted on September 27, 2014