Some comments on the health care people want

Here are some comments of this article at Breitbart.:
Biggest Insurance Company in Obamacare Exchanges Rallies Behind Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0

Space Captain • 10 hours ago
The government needs to be OUT of the healthcare business!

Gordon Geikko 2.0 Space Captain • 10 hours ago
Sure seemed to work fine before they got involved !!

extra salt Gordon Geikko 2.0 • 10 hours ago

We needed lawsuits capped (tort reform) in order to lower doctors costs and end their defensive medicine.

We needed more competition and more flexibility on what plans are allowed and we need to repeal the No-Bid status of Big Pharma and make it easier to get drugs brought to market,

But even with all that it was still better than Obamacare which fixed none of those problems, and just added new ones which RINO keeps in place.
ILUVUSA2 extra salt • 2 hours ago

We don't need insurance plans for healthy check ups with the doctors. We need catastrophic care insurance for when things go wrong.
'Health Insurance' is neither. Our Health is a personal responsibility, and insurance companies only exist to perpetuate their business, which is to avoid paying out things that they can get away with not paying for.


Tom ILUVUSA2 • 44 minutes ago

You are correct, if we pay out of pocket for normal visits, the price will go down, this is how things work, get Govt involved and the prices sky rocket, take a look at Collage, federal funding grants and loans, now if you cant get any of these collage would be a pipe dream. Get Govt out of everything and things will be affordable again.
Monsignor Rico Suave XXVII Gordon Geikko 2.0 • 8 hours ago

No it wasn't fine - not at all. But getting these scumbag government criminals involved made an already bad situation worse - much like our wonderful American 'public' schools which cost more than anywhere else in the civilized world and are the very bottom of the barrel in quality of education.



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MoreFreedom2 Monsignor Rico Suave XXVII • 7 hours ago

I'm old enough to remember when doctors made house calls. And if you purchased insurance when you were young and healthy, your premiums didn't rise if you got an expensive health condition provided you maintained coverage, but if you had one, it either wasn't covered or you paid more for it.

And it did work well then.

David Goldhill, CEO of the Game Show Network and author of "How American Health Care Killed My Father" wrote that seniors on Medicare actually pay a greater portion of their income on health care than before Medicare existed! That shows you how much government messes up the free market and raises prices, not including all the money they've paid in Medicare taxes. It suggests abolishing Medicare would save seniors money on health care, even though it's "free". Like PJ O'Rourk observed, if you think things are expensive now, just wait until the government makes it free.


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Joe Poster MoreFreedom2 • 5 hours ago

Yes. Plus administrative costs per patient are higher with Medicare than with private insurance. With ACA you have govt administrative costs AND private insurance company administrative costs. There is no way to make it work unless we cut one out of it. And judging from the poor product we get from most government employees I think it's obvious which one.

Kathy Robinson MoreFreedom2 • 6 hours ago

Medicare is not free.It may be affordable but payments are deducted from your SS every month.Also it's only 80/20 and only pays a certain amount for meds so you have to find a supplemental to help pay for that. After the age of 65 where would a person find a plan they could afford. http://money.cnn.com/2017/0...

backformore MoreFreedom2 • 3 hours ago

Sounds like perhaps we're of a similar age. I remember those days as well. What's happened since then is that the Feds decided to get involved. The more involved they got, the worse they made it for everyone else.

Don L backformore • 3 hours ago

Teddy Kennedy gifted this to us, and the price of healthcare shot through the roof ever since.

Sandy Eckert MoreFreedom2 • 5 hours ago

Then, there was also a LOT of pro-bono type medicine being dealt out to those who needed help. Government involvement stopped that, too. Gov is also the CAUSE of high drugs...it goes on and on.


Turkish President Erdogan calls Germany out on simulated democracy

Although not the source most would equate with truthful, unbiased information, Turkey's President Erdogan may have unwittingly put his finger on Germany's central challenge when he said the following:

“Germany, you have no relation whatsoever to democracy and you should know that your current actions are no different to those of the Nazi period,” Erdogan helpfully noted. “I thought the era of Nazism was over in Germany, but now I see that it’s going on. Everything is clear.”

Mainstream and state-subsidized news outlets immediately condemned the comment and portrayed it as being ludicrous. In other words, standard operating procedure when their narrative is being threatened. To be sure, Erdogan's leadership style has been authoritarian and he's not the type of leader that immediately springs to mind when contemplating democracy, his remark does contain at least a kernel of truth and deserves to be debated honestly.

Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel told the German people outright eight years ago that they "Can't count on campaign promises made actually being fulfilled after the election.".

The Federal Republic of Germany's highest court has ruled that every election in Germany since 1965 is invalid, but that didn't change much of anything because the courts and the police apparently haven't changed their behavior accordingly. "Just following orders" wasn't allowed as a valid defense during the NAZI war trials at the Hague, so one has to wonder why those in the German government aren't more worried about repercussions for unlawful and illegal acts carried out in the color of law.
The first layer of defense for those that have hijacked the system to enrich themselves and their allies is the all too German attribut that they can easily be tricked into following orders using disinformation. As Napoleon once said "There is no more good-natured, but also no more gullible people than the Germans. No lie can be conceived treacherous enough, the Germans believe it. They follow a slogan which was given to them, to act against their own countrymen, rather than the real enemies of their country." This holds true to this day where the German government is engaged in a trade war against their own people, gouging income tax based on a 16.10.1934 law instigated by the NAZIs and signed by Adolf Hitler, an enormous 19% value added tax on all products and services as well as involuntary contracts for each household requiring people to pay fees to cover the costs of state-run television. The entire court system is built on extracting money from those unlucky enough to have to appear before a court. Rather than promoting the general order through mediating between two parties and providing a fair decision, the system is merely interested in generating revenue for the corporations that have been installed for this purpose. Every police station, city and state organ is identified in the international register as a corporation. Bundesrepublik Deutschsland Finanzagentur GmbH, a limited liability company that is only liable for some €25,000, is the corporate entity behind the €3,73 Trillion euro economy managing Federal Republic of Germany. The name Federal Republic of Germany is a moniker that was created by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary forces and attached to the seized country after the capitulation was signed, albeit not legally, in order to get rid of the name Deutsches Reich or German Empire. Although the country was declared seized, it was not annexed, so the Basic law was instituted by SHAEF to regulate the administration of Germany by Germans subordinate to it. The basic law is generally considered by Germans to be the constitution, although the accepted definition of basic law is a legal construction to uphold order in occupied territories. The last article, Article 146, of basic law for Germany belies the fact that the basic law is indeed not a constitution with the following quote:
Article 146 [Duration of the Basic Law]
This Basic Law, which since the achievement of the unity and freedom of Germany applies to the entire German people, shall cease to apply on the day on which

    a constitution freely adopted by the German people takes effect


The second row of defense is the obfuscation of pertinent information while purposefully shifting the public attention to the junk-food equivalent of information management in public media. It is completely intentional that most common people have no love for or interest in the intricasies of law until, perhaps, they are faced with a situation that requires the knowledge. David Knight from Infowars remarked a day or two ago that sufficiently complicated laws are virtually the same as having no laws. His point was that when only few are capable of interpreting law, such as attorneys and judges, they can influence the outcome subtly in their interests without the common people being the wiser. This has been going on since the end of the second world war, but now that the country has been delivered into the European Union without a popular vote and virtually no say in the laws being passed at the EU level, people are starting to read the laws and are noting discrepancies between written law and general practices in dealing with the public. There is a growing number of Germans that are pushing back against the unlawful collection of fees due to an unclear legal basis.
The oath of the Bundespresident, the Chancellor and the Federal ministers;

“I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the well-being of the German people, promote their
welfare, protect them from harm, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation,
perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all. So help me God.”

follows the common theme of responsibilities that elected officials and state employees are expected to uphold, but ever more citizens are questioning the integrity of their representatives in the aftermath of the state-sanctioned immigration that has been forced on the Germans by the policies advanced by Chancellor Merkel and apparently supported by her political party and it's coalition partners. The oath is percieved as contradicting the practices applied to the court system daily.
People are being tried before courts that are not state courts since paragraph 15 of the constitutional court law which stated simply "All courts are state courts." was rescinded without replacement. This and other changes to laws since the reunification have created an environment where the people are losing confidence in the legal system because the inconsistencies are blatant to those that take time to inform themselves and those that defend the legal structure have run out of arguments and excuses.

This topic has been gaining momentum and there are several contemporary German heroes that are using their legal knowledge to nudge the lawmakers into reconciling the differences between conflicting laws and statutes, but it seems the needs of the EU as perceived by the German politicians have been and are still being a higher priority than the well-being of the German people. This summer, leading up to the election of a new Chancellor, you can expect to hear more about this topic, which is not only important for the German people. The Deutsche Reich, which is still at war with nearly fifty nations at least on paper, became sovereign in 1990 when the 2+4 contract between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic was ratified, but only a few citizens of German heritage have recognized their inheritance as citizens of the Weimar Republic which allows them to be identified as members of the German state their ancestors were members of before the rise of National Socialism.

One reason the world is waiting on the German people is; without a peace treaty that ends war between the Deutsche Reich and all 47 countries, WWII lives on. This makes it legitimate for the Allied Forces to bomb anywhere in the world without congressional approval because they are still, technically, at war. That the Deutsche Reich is only a paper tiger at the moment is irrelevant.

If the German people are to establish a lasting peace and live in accordance with international law, they must first vote on and accept a new constitution for the Deutsche Reich and then arrange a peace treaty with all nations still at war with them.

Good luck


Unconfirmed reports of Russian influence in US presidential race pale in comparison to US election influencing tactics

CIA’s Gold Standard for Influencing Foreign Elections
By Bruce Fein

I would have expected more adeptness from Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former intelligence superstar in the Soviet Union’s legendary KGB.

His amateurish attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in the United States by tasking Russian hackers to steal 20,000 emails from the servers of the Democratic National Committee and share them with WikiLeaks to embarrass Hillary Clinton and favor Donald Trump showed his talents are in decline.

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Dutch community resists building refuge for 15,000 migrants

If I lived in the area of Geldermalsen, I'd be interested in knowing when the first applications for construction of the area to be built on were submitted, because it would reveal how much forethought was put into the plan as hinted by the woman at 1:32. Then check who was responsible for the decisions required to stall construction, but turn that policy on a dime when it's for refugee housing. The next step would be to sort out the inner circle of accomplices who will certainly have business interests in the plan, perhaps using strawmen to obscure their roles. The enemy of the Dutch has subverted them from within, using corruption in high places to subvert the Dutch government in order to further their interests. This scenario is scheduled to play out in all Nations. The police would have been able to put five times as many cops there if they really wanted to. Instead, they anticipated the backlash because they were told to. That's how it works with police, they really don't want to be violent against their own people, but they do as they're told, excepting the rare occasions when an unlawful order is given and refused on the grounds that it was unlawful and immoral. This tension will be cultivated until it explodes at the precise moment of the elites', your owners' choosing and advantage. Only strong communities will be able to resist taking their anger out on the percieved invaders while concentrating their efforts on exposing or otherwise thwarting the corrupt chain of command that has ignored the will of the people they are supposed to benefit. That goes for all nations in a time where nearly all of Europe sees their way of life and native cultures threatened by displaced people. People fleeing areas hard hit by war or the results of so-called free trade agreements that put them out of work. All of this due to the politics of those they elected and were subsequently ignored by. As Donald trump said, "It's rigged!", he was laughed at for it at the time, but newer reports have vindicated him. The statement applies to the whole game of Banking, Industry and Politics. With this in mind, if you value your lifestyle and the expectations you had for retirement, stay well informed at the local and state level. Spread the information so others will get involved. The pressure won't ease up until the moneyed interests can no longer anticipate a return on their investment. Awareness leads to strategies against the local level, without the support of the local mayor, no plan dictated from above can get traction. So let your local government know in no uncertain terms where you stand on the issue, stay civil, but doggedly persistent, and let the sellouts be known.


I would say, "Is a hat trick on the way?", but France, Austria and Holland are voting before Germany

As riots break out in the streets of America because of Democrats protesting democracy, people of Europe are getting wiser to the manipulation of violence by self-called liberals. What's so liberating about joining a cult and inciting public violence? The German people have as much right as anyone else to be proud of their achievements in technology, culture and religion, just as nearly any nation one could think of has dark corners of history with cause for them to be ashamed of themselves.
The generation of middle-aged Germans had nothing to do with the atrocities committed in WWII and shouldn't have to be ashamed because of what some of their elders may have done. The world has changed much since then, and there have been some fine people in office, serving Germany, but the current leadership has caused crises among their own folk and law-abiding migrants while coddling the most counter-productive elements among the loosely-termed 'refugees' that are purportedly supposed to enrich the nation's culture. Can Chancellor Merkel please tell us why Germany's culture isn't rich enough for her tastes the way it was? Imagine a sharia-compliant Oktoberfest, Burka instead of dirndl with decolette, if women were even allowed to be there. No weißwurst or roasted pork, hooka smoking and tea instead of beer. Is that the future that the powers that be have prepared for Germany? The German folk will soon be faced with a huge decision for the future of their country, the table will more than likely be soundly set by the coming elections in Holland, Austria and France which i suspect will pick up the momentum from Brexit and Trumpsit for national parties offering sovereignity. By the time elections are held in Germany, people will be well aware that the intimidation and baiting ploys from the left are subsidized by the taxpayer in order to coerce voters. It will be well evident that the extreme right-wing is also hired by the state to agitate and provoke the left to project the illusion that the massive police forces are necessary to quell any uprising. Although the media uses their skill to paint the Reichsbürgers, the sovereign citizens that are assuming their inheritance of the Deutsche Reich, as some illogical eccentrics that have strange interpretations of the law, there are some very intelligent people among them that have done a lot of homework and know the statutes better than those hired to represent the company known as BRD Finanzagentur GmbH, a company with limited liability that administrates the country. Required to pay all costs involved with the occupation by the allies since WWII to this day, Germany has been pursuing a trade war against it's own citizens in order to bail out banks, finance the occupation by foreign forces and participate in wars that are the real root of the misery being felt by the genuine refugees. Oh, while paying for it's occupation, the German media isn't allowed to report anything that the CIA doesn't agree with. The reason the espionage affair involving US intelligence wasn't particularly sanctioned in the aftermath should have become obvious by now when considered in this light.
This is made possible in large part due to the absence of a peace treaty between the Deutsche Reich and the allies. Japan signed one, Italy signed one, but the newly reunited East- and West Germany decided to sign the 4+2 accord instead, which seemed like a good way to avoid paying reparations to the Greek government, but guarantees that Germany will be paying "occupation" costs as long as it lives unless the Germans can adopt a constitution agreed to by the people and the Reichsbürger can have their representatives as heirs of the Weimar Republic sign a peace treaty, finally ending the war for Germany and forcing the US Commander in chief to seek a declaration of war prior to involving US forces in any conflict instead of sending forces to different campaigns of the covert, but still active WWII.

Merkel allies warn of Trump effect, poll shows Germans dismayed
By Madeline Chambers and Michael Nienaber
ReutersNovember 10, 2016

"By Madeline Chambers and Michael Nienaber

BERLIN (Reuters) - Leading allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Thursday that populists would pose a problem for Europe unless mainstream politicians came up with answers after Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election.

Trump's win has encouraged right-wing parties in Austria, France and the Netherlands, among others. A Politbarometer poll for broadcaster ZDF showed 82 percent of Germans viewed it as bad or very bad, and 65 percent expected relations with the United States to deteriorate under Trump's presidency.

"Demagogic populism is not only a problem in America," Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told Bild daily. "Elsewhere in the West, too, the political debate is in an alarming state.""
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This Video Shows Why The Saudis Sponsored 20% of Clinton's Campaign

Hillary's right-hand woman has been somewhat of a dark horse in the public perception of voters. Having been thrown into the spotlight due to the FBI investigation of Clinton's Wiki-leaked emails and the rumored NSFW escapades including the apparent attempted seduction of a minor, the focus is centering on her, which is making more people interested in her role as the Secretary's nearest ally. Anonymous, or at least another Anonymous went and did the math, so to speak. His research is accurate and reveals enough to make one beg for further questioning.

This thesis would be a textbook example of a strategy for defeating a much larger, militarily overwhelming foe by stealth over time. The destabilization of Syria and Libya ties into this plan as well, providing a weak neighbor for the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces to exploit at their will, with the US taxpayers sponsoring a very expensive campaign using aircraft and mercenaries that identify themselves with a full spectrum of terrorist groups. The destabilization of Afghanistan, Irak, Libya and Syria has led to further destabilization in the European Union. Greece and Italy are deeply challenged by the hords of 'refugees' flocking to their borders seeking asylum. France, Sweden and Germany have been flooded with foreigners willing to take the handouts of western governments but unwilling to show any respect for the culture or the folk that is paying for their welfare. This, being accepted by the politicians, as they impose more changes the majority would not willingly consent to would normally be high treason in a state, but since nearly all states in the world have been converted to registered businesses, it is merely another CEO pursuing a company agenda unpopular among the employees. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel was asked by Günther Jauch whether she would cease to support the European idea of common union if it were against the wishes of those governed, her immediate retort was "No!", "Under no circumstances." before relating that Germany needs a European Union with ideals like those in Germany, freedom of the press, personal freedom, democracy. This is the same woman that has recruited Google and Facebook to play a role as hate-speech police, contemplating sanctions if whatever brand of opinion is not removed within a certain amount of hours. First off, how is this 'hate-speech' to be defined? Today it might seem acceptable to block some messages, but once taken, this fork in the road will cause a lot of people to oppressed before the public realizes that free-speech, although it can be a downright nuisance to listen to sometimes, is valuable in a functioning society. How many resources are going to be necessary to filter and administrate the operation? Will the mission creep lead to STASI-like masses of company-hired private spies delivering 'intelligence' to the government? In a free country, no public discussion should be controlled by the controllers, even if that means we're going to be exposed to opinions we don't agree with. At the worst, you might turn livid with rage at the prospect of an adversary's world view, at the least, you might even say, "Well, i never looked at it from that point of view before.".
The easiest argument against accepting that your government is taking steps to limit public discourse when it runs contra to their narrative is to just remember, governments lie! If they profess to do anything for your security, it will surely reduce your liberty and fail to provide the promised securety. Quite the opposite, when the bar has been raised, before long, there will be another purported threat that enables them to "make a new offer" under the same auspices. See it for what it's become, a trade war between corporate governments and their citizenry hidden under the illusory mantle of government enabled by it's unquestioning minions and the acquiescent masses.


Can He Really Make America Great Again!?

It would be enough if he could provide an environment where the people can make America great again, because they will if they can.


Wolfgang P. erklärt sein Standpunkt - September 2016

Was wirklich hinter der Begriff "Reichsbürger" steckt:

Somit wird der Standpunkt Wolfgang P. von Georgsgmund